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“Couldn’t they have gotten someone a little handsomer to play me?” Herman Boone, now retired after a long career as a high school football coach in Alexandria, Va., was played by Denzel Washington in the movie Remember the Titans. He came to Moravian on March 26 to share his story, sponsored by the Athletics Department, the Office of Institutional Diversity, the Student Affairs Office, and the Multicultural Club, with partial support from the Alfred T. Williams Leadership Series and an NCAA Diversity Grant.

Janine Jagger ’72, the only graduate of a Lehigh Valley institution of higher learning to win a MacArthur Fellowship, spent a day on campus in March. After breakfast with senior nursing students who had completed a practicum at a clinic in rural Honduras, she participated in a forum on health-care worker safety with Joseph Merola ’64 of St. Luke’s Hospital and Carol Dean Henn ’68, executive director of the Lehigh Valley Community Foundation.

Herman Boone addressed a Prosser Auditorium audience on March 26.

Photo: Suzanne Creelman '03