A Taste of Moravian: A Classy Menu

More than 400 alumni and friends returned to campus to enjoy a Taste of Moravian during Alumni Weekend 2004. The weekend’s Classy Menu offered a variety of selections, from courses and tours to class parties, dinners, and the ninth annual parade.

Graduates from Moravian College for Women were the first to arrive on Friday as they celebrated “A Morning on Church Street” with a reception at President and Mrs. Rokke’s, a lovefeast, and a luncheon.

Although the weather drove Friday evening’s festivities inside, it did not dampen the evening as over 250 alumni gathered to enjoy a casual evening together at the block party. Individual class receptions, parties, and karaoke nights continued on into the night both on and off campus.

The men and women of the class of 1954, the last class to graduate before the merger, wore their respective colors, purple and gold and blue and grey, as they were inducted into the 50+ Club at the 50+ Club Breakfast. At the parade, classes serenaded, bowed, and beckoned to the judges who eventually awarded the Class Spirit Award to the Class of ’54 women and granted a tie for the Most Creative Award to the Classes of ’59 and ’69.

Recognition continued during the reunion luncheon as awards were announced for the highest participation of donors for a class (1954) and the highest amount given by a reunion class (1969).

Founder’s Day attendees Renee Johnson Dragotta ’56, Beverly Bell ’56, and Dawn Van Keuren ’54 shared memories following the lovefeast in Peter Hall.

Susan Lenius Dreydoppel ’74 (above), Otto Dreydoppel Jr. ’74, Bernie Story ’80, and Peter Von Allmen offered a variety of fascinating courses and presentations on the College heritage, admissions ratings, sports, and economics.

Photos: Tim Gilman ’73