No Rain on This Parade!
Alumni Weekend 2004

Phil DeRea ’54 led the class of ’54 men in the parade, with Kathleen Gilbert in the sidecar of his bright red motorcycle.

John Dusinski and Ed Zamiskie led the Class of ’54 men as they removed their dinks and invited the judges to “Dink about it.”

The Class of ’54 women garnered the prize for the most spirit as the “golden girls” of the last class before the merger with the men’s college.

The Class of ’59’s “Menu of Memories” and serenade of the judges secured a half-share of the prize for most creativity (the Class of ’69 got the other half).

The Class of ’69, “THE Taste of Class” demonstrated that “Age is not a number: it’s an attitude.”

The Class of ’69’s Greg Seifert led his class with his draft horses and carriage from Mountain Pride Farm.

Photos: Gregory M. Fota ’69