Capping It Off

The largest Commencement in Moravian history came off May 15, when 403 undergraduate and graduate students got their congratulatory handshake from President Rokke on the warmest and sunniest graduation day in several years.

Not that the ceremony didnít have its solemn moments. The graduates acknowledged the sad death of David Evans, an art major who was killed in a car accident the week before Commencement. They gave his brother, accepting the diploma in his place, a standing ovation. The College awarded an honorary doctorate to Edwin A. Wallace, a Bethlehem physician who has devoted most of his professional life to health care in the developing world. Wallace has inspired a host of young doctors to spend time in Central America and Africa, bringing the concept of public health to countries too poor to provide medicines for their people. He and his small army have fought the plagues of AIDS, tuberculosis, and other scourges at urban and back-country clinics.

Moravian Theological Seminary gave an honorary doctorate to Rev. Frederica Goliath, the first woman to be ordained by the Moravian Church of South Africa. Rev. Goliath (whose name is pronounced as it is in the Bible) was a home economics teacher who took holy orders after she retired. She has been so active with the church since then that she was selected to be its representative to the inauguration of Nelson Mandela in 1994.