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NEWS OF 1965
Reunion May 20-21

NEWS OF 1964

NEWS OF 1963

From Bill Leicht:

Bob Perry ’64 sent word of the death of his mother, Florence E. Perry, on October 10, 2003. She was 88. Florence graduated with honors with our class, just one year before her son. Bob says she was an amazing woman, having raised eight children. She enrolled at Moravian while she still had children at home and worked full-time with the Boy Scout Council of Bethlehem.

Florence completed graduate work at St. Bonaventure University, then taught and was a guidance counselor in the schools of Salamanca, N.Y. She taught the granddaughter of the Seneca Indian chief White Eagle, with whom she had become friends in the 1940s.

We still hear from Marty Garcia and Don Vogel. Marty has retired from CBS in Los Angeles, and Don is still with the American Lung Association in Cincinnati. We also heard, via e-mail, from Paul Reinhard ’65, who is still with the Morning Call in Allentown.

Carol ’64 and I look forward to attending her 40th reunion in May.

NEWS OF 1962

NEWS OF 1961

From Sam Maczko:

Jeff Gannon continues to teach secondary school history in Texas. He is considering retirement in June.

Ken Sepe and his wife, Alice, spent the winter in Fort Myers, Fla. His children and grandchildren visited. He and Alice returned to New Jersey in April.

Joe Castellano and his wife, JoAnn, just celebrated the birth of their fourth grandchild.

John Bregman and his wife, Melissa, are expecting the arrival of two more grandchildren, bringing their total to eight. John and Melissa spent the winter in their new vacation home in Orlando, Fla. They enjoy the outdoor activities afforded by the Florida climate, especially bike-riding. They also returned to New Jersey in April.

Joe, Ken, and I await the start of golf season. We try to get together on a weekly basis.

Robert Lipkin and his wife have celebrated the arrival of their first grandson. In April, they vacationed in California wine country.

From the Alumni House:

Thomas Christianson, also a graduate of Moravian Theological Seminary (1965), served as a chaplain for the U.S. Air Force until 1991. Then he became chaplain for the Mobile County, Ala., sheriff’s office and FBI office. After retiring in 1997, Tom and his wife moved to the Pacific coast of Mexico for its clean air. The area is beautiful, and the climate is perfect. He highly recommends both.


NEWS OF 1960
Reunion May 20-21

From Peter French:

There has not been much news from the class this time, so I repeat: let me know what you’re doing.

Tony Falco ’57 and I tried to organize the first annual Moravian Alumni Sarasota Spring Fling, but we didn’t get our invitations out early enough for all 439 alumni in Florida. We regrouped and are planning for next spring. If you’ll be in Florida the last weekend of March 2005, put a ring around it on your calendar. We’ll have tickets to a ball game at the end of spring training (Pirates or Reds), a play at the Asolo Theater, a visit to the Ringling Museum of Art, and time to visit all the great places in Sarasota such as Mote Marine Laboratories and Selby Gardens and, of course, golf for those so disposed.

We had brief notes from Jim Houser, who liked the idea but was committed to a trip to Pennsylvania, and Bill Hershey, who may get over here next spring. And Bob Schoenen, vice-president for institutional advancement at the College, came down anyway to meet with some alumni and, of course, play golf.

We have no idea how many Moravian “snowbirds” are in the state in March, but if the weather reports were correct, we guess there were a lot!

From Kathy Werst Detwiler ’59:

After knee replacements for Joe and back surgery for Dee, Joe and Dee Lang Keglovits ’60 celebrated their nephew’s wedding in Spain. Their Mediterranean vacation included a day trip to Morocco and a sighting of the Rock of Gibraltar.

NEWS OF 1959

From Kathy Werst Detwiler:

Preparations for the Class of ’59 reunion have provided lots of conversations and thus lots of updates.

Ginny Dancy Dickie recently traveled to Bermuda. She and John celebrated their 40th anniversary in London and Paris. Ginny is active with her church newsletter and bimonthly community center newsletter. John IV has a graphic design business in Baltimore, while daughter Lauren Ward is director of media relations at Carnegie Mellon University’s College of Science. Their 4-year-old granddaughter is a treasure.

Warm regards to all from Tony Matz, whose family will travel to the Cotswolds, in England, in May. Also in May, Kate Kuhns Herrington will visit the state of Washington. And the same month finds Sandra Yost Collins awaiting her first granddaughter.

Jeannette Mirne Cornblatt of Asbury Park recently returned from a trip to West Palm Beach.

Mary Lesin Mackenzie Ayala wintered in Illinois, where her family from Hawaii traveled for the 2003 holidays. Mary enjoys the company of her three granddaughters. In cold weather, she crochets snowflakes!

Reuben Lilly and his wife, Ethel Mae, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on October 25. Sadly, on December 21, Ethel Mae died at the age of 72. But Reuben has kept busy this past winter with his children and grandchildren.

Back in Pennsylvania from a two-week cruise of the Panama Canal, Wayne and I look forward to a flight to San Antonio to catch some spring baseball.

NEWS OF 1958

From Bennie Bennett:

It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to say hello, thanks to poor health. I am active at home, though, despite using a manual wheelchair. (I am agile and can stand—I just can’t walk.).

This is the year for vegetable and flower gardening. On our large property, I’m slowly resuming the restoration or refinishing of wood items.

A friend restored my 40-year-old Eko 12 string guitar. The older country folk and Western music is my repertory. Various organizations for the physically challenged are interested in having me perform this summer.

My sons, Bart Askera and Ken DeJulio, help with the property and chores.

I’ve read and reread the 2003 alumni notes sent to me. It seems incredible that 48 years have passed since we graduated. I actually left Moravian in 1957 and finished my degree in 1986 through independent study at Empire State College of the State University of New York.

From the 2003 alumni response: Hello to Joanne Boyer Christman, Robert J. Burkhardt, Ruth Salabsky Cornwell, William H. Dimmich, John L. Finelli, Michael J. Gallagher, Roy Goshorn, Syman N. Hirsch, Jane and Dick Gottwald, Joe Guman, Marjorie Neusch Massey, Carol Losensky Messina ’61, Bruce Mumie, Daneen Jones Phelps, Norman Prochnau, Harold P. Scanlin, Albert Schwab, Paul Slifka, Robert H. Smith, and David Thaeler.

From the Alumni House:

Roy Goshorn has been traveling for five weeks aboard the Queen Mary II.

NEWS OF 1957

From Pearl Stein:

Congratulations and best wishes to Jo-Anne Pessin and her husband, Herb, who celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. In honor of the occasion, their children and grandchildren planned a dinner reception at the Cordville Inn on April 3. Jo-Anne and Herb live in Kennett Square, near Longwood Gardens.

From F. Jarrett DeJulio ’58:

I managed to track down Nancy Reeves Beacon ’57, who was a sophomore when I was a freshman.

Commencement 2003


Amy Kish with her father, Brian '79.
Adrienne Kleintop with her father, Glenn '77.

Kevin Miltenberger with his mother, Mary, and his father, Daniel '77.
Faye Zaninelli with her mother, Mara Shoesmith Zaninelli '76, and her father, William '76.
Lorain Sanderson with her daugther, Eryka, her mother, Brenda Francis Sanderson '75, and her father, William, M.A.P.C. '95.
Brynn Saltzer with her father, W. David '69. Brynn's grandfather, the late William H. Saltzer, was Class of '50.

Photos: John Kish IV