On Thier Toes, con't.

Sylvia Zarnas, who is co-chair with Schoenen for the 2004 ball, wants the ball to draw younger alumni. She herself (and her husband, Stephen ’68, a member of the Board of Trustees) are supplying four: Grace Zarnas Hoyer ’90, married to Robert Hoyer ’96; Christina Zarnas Donahue ’94; Dean (Constantine) Zarnas ’00; and Lee Zarnas, who is in his junior year at the College. “If I’m involved, maybe my children will get involved,” their mother says. “Young people should be coming back and giving back to their school.”

With five Moravians in the family, Zarnas (who went to Adelphi University) is the outsider. But she learned when she came to the Lehigh Valley that the best way to meet people was to go out and find them. She is active with Bethlehem’s St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church and says its June event, the Greek Food Festival, is just the kind of mixer that all charitable activities should be.

Guaraldo, too, is a busy member of her church in Wilmington, Delaware, and with a number of museums in her area. A past president of the Alumni Association, she had no sooner turned over the gavel than she became an interviewer with the Moravian College for Women oral history project. The ball is just one more thing on her list of good causes.

Schoenen also comes to the ball with serious experience in entertainment events. She has worked on the Charity Ball at St. Luke’s Hospital, one of the Lehigh Valley’s biggest social and philanthropic events every year. She and her husband, Bob, Moravian’s vice president for institutional advancement, chaired President Rokke’s inaugural weekend, with its myriad activities.

“The ball drew 191 the first year, and 287 last year,” she says. “There’s no reason we can’t think about 400 this year. We raised $25,000 in sponsorships last year! This year we build on that.”

Zarnas stresses the networking aspect of the ball, where young alumni and students can meet people who may be valuable contacts in their careers. Guaraldo, who loved her four years at Moravian, says: “It still surprises me that people in the Lehigh Valley know so little about Moravian!” She believes the ball “benefits the whole college community” and the larger community around it by offering a chance for people to enjoy themselves.

Schoenen says planning for the ball is well under way, and guests already are making commitments to attend and reserving tables to include friends, though invitations will not go out until September.

“This kind of event is very new for our Moravian College community,” says Schoenen, “and it’s proving to be long overdue.”

Guaraldo adds: "It's Moravian's coming-out, so to speak."

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Physics professor Joseph Powlette ’60 and his wife, Lenore, share a table and conversation with James S. Green, professor emeritus of computer science.

Photos: John Kish IV