From Mary Beth Sierzega Afflerbach:

My husband, Jeff, and I welcomed Joseph Raymond into our lives May 25. My daughter, Megan, who is 13, is enjoying being a big sister.

From the Alumni House:

Noel Knecht once again pedaled to support Young Survival Coalition/Young Women United Against Breast Cancer last October. She was especially excited about this year’s “Tour de Pink” because Hershey is now the sponsor and the race officially is titled the “York Tour de Pink.” With the new sponsor, the route has changed slightly. Cyclists still will pedal 250 miles but start at the Hershey flagship store in Times Square and complete the tour at Chocolate World in Hershey. If anyone is interested in joining her in future races, Noel can be contacted at noeleita@


From Kerri Selland Pepoy:

I changed jobs in September and returned to working in journalism versus government. I’m now a reporter for the Daily Sun Journal, Lewiston, Maine.

Mike Bamberger has been serving as Benton County, Oregon, emergency manager for more than six years. Mike was selected as Oregon’s outstanding emergency program manager for 2004-05.

The fourth annual Pong Fest was held at the home of Erik Metz and Andi Smith Metz in the fall. Because it rained all weekend, Andi writes, the mud football game was a highlight! Everyone also enjoyed the “never-ending Pong game, although a few people had to sneak away for some shuteye.” My husband, Jon, and I were invited and really sorry that we had to decline! Class of ’89 attendees included Stephen “Zoots” Szuter, Martin “Bunk” Hess, Nick “Nikki Hoi” Kolen, Steve Kandianis, Ed Goebel, Paul Belinsky, and, of course, Andi and Erik, who have two boys, Erik Jr. and Ben.

Andi and Erik took their sons to Acadia National Park in Maine last summer. On their way back to Pennsylvania, they stopped in Poland, Maine, to visit Jon and me. What a great surprise to see their RV rolling down our driveway!



From Diane Hvizdak Taylor:

Mary Wiedmuller Knierim returned from Switzerland last October for a surprise 40th birthday party. Mary and her family have been living in Switzerland for the past four years, while her husband, Michael, is working on an international assignment for Hoffman LaRoche. They plan to live in Sparta, N.J., when they return to the United States.

Reunion Homecoming 2006

From James and Lynda Farrell Swartz:

One more year until we celebrate our 20th reunion. Where did the years go? We need to make plans for the festivities. Next year we hope to have a great day!

We have not heard from anyone lately. Hope that means everyone is happy and healthy. Send us an e-mail or a note so we can keep everyone updated. We can share with you that the renovations at Steel Field look great.

Anyone who has ideas or an interest in planning for the 20th reunion, please let us know, and we’ll pass that along to the College.

From the Alumni House:

Kelly Krieble, assistant professor of physics at Moravian, and his collaborator, John Snyder ’80 of Iowa State University, described their Mössbauer spectroscopy research project at the Magnetism and Magnetic Materials conference, November 2 in San Jose, Calif. Kelly also demonstrated physics events at the September 24 Family Day. He and Carl Salter, associate professor of chemistry, participated in ScienceFest on October 9 at Marvine Elementary School in Bethlehem. Kelly described and demonstrated rational motion, and Carl explained light and spectroscopy.

Eric Marquard and his wife, Tish, got back from China on July 29 with their daughter. Her name is Nina, and she is just a little older than 1 now. They are very busy being first-time parents!

Joseph Pacelli married Katy Canion on July 31, 2004. He received a master’s degree in sports psychology from the University of Northern Iowa in 1997.


From Lynn Muschlitz LaBarre:

It was great to see so many classmates for our 20th reunion in Bethlehem. I want to thank everyone for coming out on a cold, rainy evening! We all had a nice time reminiscing over a delicious meal at Granny McCarthy’s Tearoom. We enjoyed reading old newspaper articles and yearbooks from the 1980s. Thanks also to Paul, Val, Frank, and Greg for their ideas and assistance with this reunion.

I brought my husband, John, along with my collection of the Comenian from the early 1980s. It was fun to read the old College news and look at pictures of Moravian during the disco era.

Greg Tavalsky was unable to attend but he said hello to all his classmates. Paul Brock made the journey from Germantown, Md. His wife, Denise, stayed home with their son, Paul, and daughters, Gabriella and Julia. Paul is still a financial analyst at Sodexho.

Wendy Talmont and Peter Lega are enjoying their Bethlehem home with their daughters, Julia and Alex. Julia is best friends with Bridget Hoke, daughter of Harris Hoke and Kathleen Hanifan ’87. The Hokes live in Chester, N.J. Harris is still with AT&T, and Kathleen teaches fourth grade at a Catholic school. Both families keep in touch with Dave Edmonds and Corinne Parker Edmonds ’86, who live nearby in Coopersburg with their sons, Connor and Parker. They said hello to everyone since they were at a wedding on Reunion Day.

Virginia Carson Kerns came the farthest to Bethlehem—from Columbia, S.C. She has a fourth-grade son, Carson, and a second-grade daughter, Bailey. She came with Jeanne Novak Dierolf ’86.

Joe and Paula Colizzo Lewinski had a great time at the reunion. Their daughter Megan is in ninth grade, their son Jason in sixth. Joe is still playing the guitar and will work on a song for the next reunion.

Fred Haddad and his wife, Christine, brought their 14-month-old son, Ian, to the dinner. Fred works for Goldman Sachs, and his wife is with Deutsche Bank in New York City. They live in Cranberry, N.J.

Kerry Freidl and his wife, Kerri, are living at warp speed with their 6- and 4-year-old sons and a new puppy. They live only five minutes from the College.

Cathy Briggs Rohrbach lives in Hillsborough, N.J., with her husband, Bob ’87. She has two children: Lauryn, 12, and Alec, 9. Lynn Contini Tuorto came with Cathy.

Frank Godshall and his wife, Lisa Makuvek ’84, came in from Doylestown. Lisa’s family still resides in Bethlehem, which gives them more reason to visit the Lehigh Valley.

Val Hand Morris made the trip from Barnegat, N.J. John stayed home with their three boys. The two oldest play football, while the youngest still watches from the sidelines. They had a full day of fun in the mud at their game, and I’m sure Val had to pick up some Tide on the way home Sunday.

Later in the evening, many classmates went down to the Old Brewery Tavern, which was packed. Gerry Skiko and his brother, Charles, enjoyed the World Series baseball game. Jeff Travis and Joe Mackey also were there.

When I saw the dartboard at the tavern, it reminded me of graduation and Laura Prichard. She and Guy Mastrangelo were going to make the journey to Bethlehem; however, the rain kept them away. Laura told me she is happy in her home in Hillsdale, N.J. She recently saw Maryclaire Piccoli, who is working for Starbucks and trying to avoid relocation to the Seattle area.

I’m not sure what happened to Ruth Errico Olson that evening. Someone saw her, but she never made it to the dinner. We all missed you!

Brenda Smith Bindinolto lives in Boulder, Colo. She is back in school full-time at Seven Bowls School of Nutrition, Nourishment and Healing, and she has three more years of classes in this program. This sure is a big change from her accounting classes!

Albert Schrack wrote to say that he’s busy with his DJ entertainment business. He could not attend the reunion because of a wedding commitment. He is expecting his second grandchild— and, yes, he did say “grandchild”!

Maureen Sinnott Kopczynski called to say that she and Joe wouldn’t be able to attend the reunion. I’m sure their two boys keep them very busy.

With my children’s busy sports schedule, I usually bump into other alumni along the way. I saw Keith Martin and his wife, Traci, a lot this fall, because his daughter, Jordan, and my daughter, Jenny, play on the same middle- school field-hockey team. Also this fall, while shopping at the farmer’s market, I ran into Al Helfrich with his two cute little daughters.

From Paula Colizzo Lewinski:

Hi to those who missed our 20th class reunion. We had a good gathering and an enjoyable evening. Our tailgates were cancelled because of rain all day Saturday, which left us with only our class dinner. As you read, we had a good time catching up with everyone that came.

A few quick notes about some who couldn’t make it. Len Korn and his wife, Mercedes, were unable to attend; but now that they’re living Stateside again, we’re hoping to get together in the near future. They’re back in their home in Cranford, N.J.

We saw Meg Castelli Fuhrman last summer at the first birthday party for her lovely daughter JJ. It was so wonderful to see her. She lives in Bernardsville, N.J., with her husband, Simon. I hear about Bob Derwin through Joe, as they still work together. Bob was busy during Homecoming weekend with a move into a new home in White Haven with his wife, Jill, and twin daughters.