Reunion May 19-20

From Constance M. Sokalsky:

As usual, my “regulars” kept me updated during the holiday season.

Janice Goldberg Fischel still works at Lexia International and sat on a task force to review zoning and planning issues involving Dartmouth College and the town of Hanover, N.H. If that weren’t enough, she also became co-president of her local Hadassah. She and her husband, Bill, returned to Hellertown in October for his 40th high school reunion. Their son Josh is in his third year of teaching at St. Mark’s School.

Living in the pretty seaside town of Rehoboth, Del., Sandy Browning says her life is “a little calm and quiet this year” after she retired from teaching. She tries to swim three times a week and still sings in the local choral society and its chamber ensemble, while embarking on a second, less stressful career. She’s happy to have the evenings to do with as she pleases.

Charlotte Hannan Ahner wrote of the fear of living through two hurricanes in Lake Worth, Fla., in September. Other than losing a lot of landscaping, her house did fine. Their business had to have a roof and overhead door replaced, to the tune of $20,000. Son Bill graduated from University of Pittsburgh Law School and passed the Pennsylvania Bar in October, and daughter Jen remained safe in her condo in midtown Atlanta.

Writing from Kissimmee, Fla., Swannee Roberts Ballman came through the storms with only minor roof damage to her home. But her publishing company had to cease operations as it boarded up buildings and stocked hurricane supplies three times. In the four years Jawbone Publishing has been in operation, it has published more than 50 titles, eight of which belong to Swannee. Author, editor, and publisher, she also speaks at state education conferences. Her husband, Frank, retired early from Lucent three years ago when downsizing was announced, and is active in the reverse-mortgage market. He encouraged their 28-year-old daughter to write a book about the topic, and it became a bestseller. With one son still at home, they are looking at colleges for the third time.

Dolly Hilbert Corradetti emailed me from Schnecksville to let me know what she has been doing for the past 27 years that we have been out of touch. For the past 12 years, she has been a school counselor at Nazareth Area High School, where she had been a German teacher for 20 years. Her husband, Herman, retired principal of Emmaus High School, is busy as ever working part-time as an academic advisor at Northampton Community College and serving as vice-president of the Parkland School Board. They are the very proud parents of Michael, a high school valedictorian and a Harvard University graduate, who is on a fellowship from the National Institutes of Health working on his M.D./Ph.D. at the University of Michigan. As you can see, it is never too late to reconnect with your classmates, despite the number of years that have gone by. I hope to hear from more of you!



From Caroline Funk Rabold:

Ann Egolf Peterson writes from Shawano, Wisc., that she retired in September 2004 after 15 years with Wisconsin’s Safety and Buildings Division. She loves retirement and is busier than ever. She travels quite a bit now, visiting one son in Las Vegas, another in Seattle, and her daughter and grandchildren in Oklahoma. She divides the rest of her time between volunteer work at her local Rehabilitation Facility, chairing a committee that raises funds for mission work in Zimbabwe, church activities, gardening, sewing for the grandchildren, and doing her best to ignore the aging process.

After graduation, Jayne Baumer Gardner stayed in Bethlehem and taught for four years while earning a master’s degree at Lehigh University. She then moved to Florida, where she is living still, and taught preschool for underprivileged children for the next 10 years, after which she discovered her love for the real-estate business. She has been a real-estate agent, the administrator of a real-estate school, and director of training for the Regional Multiple-Listing Service. In her spare time, she also has taught computer software programs to real-estate agents while providing technical support. She retired in 2000, but that lasted only two years before she decided to get into event planning. While doing that, she became personal assistant to the executive chef of an award-winning restaurant in Del Ray Beach. She is now in her “retirement” job as administrator of a Caldwell-Banker office in Boyton Beach. Jayne says she has taken some amazing vacations to Thailand, Hawaii, Alaska, several Caribbean islands, and Montana, to name a few. Her hobbies have been music, cooking, and reading. For 17 years, she was part of a piano, vocal, and organ trio. The group recorded an album and performed in the Rotunda and at the old renovated Post Office in Washington D.C.

Martha Poole writes us about an amazing vacation she and four sorority sisters took last year to France. She was joined by Linda Evans Shotkus, Dana Burt Donaldson, Jeannie Taccarino Guaraldo, and Connie Stirling Hodson ’68. They rented a guest house for a week in Les Martins, a 15th-century village south of Gordes. Their hostess provided recipes and cooking instructions for authentic Provençal meals. Also included were historical tours of famous surrounding medieval villages, given by their host, who had a Ph.D. in medieval art history. They enjoyed visiting farmers’ markets and antique markets, picking wild herbs in the countryside, and attending evensong at an 817-year-old Cistercian abbey. Martha writes: “Our days at Moravian formed a strong bond within us that began in the ’60s. We became friends at a crucial stage in our lives, and we have managed to keep in touch through the last 40 years. We can hope only that those who follow us will be as fortunate.”



From Kathie Broczkowski Klein:

Christmas will have passed by the time these class notes are received. Good luck to all who are pursuing retirement plans.

I ran into Linda Price Brodeur ’66 at our local vet. We hadn’t seen each other since graduation. We got into a good conversation about the good work she is doing with feral cats in her neighborhood. She and her neighbors are spending much of their own time and money trying to limit the cat population in Bethlehem Township. Good luck!

Myra Heimbrook Jones ’66 and I met in the hall of the Pennsylvania Youth Theater area of the Banana Factory, where her granddaughter Olivia is taking acting classes. Olivia is following in the footsteps of her mother, Jenny, who also had been a student with the Youth Theater when Myra served on its board.

I received a wonderful message from Richard Minich, who said he had never written before! After he left Moravian 38 years ago, he joined the Army Corps of Engineers, was discharged three years later as a captain, then was stationed in Korea on the demilitarized zone, where he built bunker replacements thanks to materials brought by the USS Pueblo. He worked in the engineering department of Henkels & McCoy for three years and was promoted to a position in Portland, Ore. There he and his wife raised four children, who have rewarded them with five beautiful grandchildren. He owns a limited energy-contracting firm, Reigncom Inc., that is flourishing in the Pacific Northwest and California. Aside from that, he reports that he has been an 18-year basketball coach for the Oregon Special Olympics, volunteers for a food bank, is a deacon in his church, a collector of some fancy old cars, and enjoys golf once or twice a week. He says he loves his work and has no intention of retiring.

Word from Darlene Refsnider Borst comes about the birth of a first grandson, Abraham Marshall, to her son Andrew and his wife Amber in Kansas last July. May we have a 2006 with less devastating weather and greater peace in the world. Please write.

Reunion May 19-20

From the Alumni House:

Woodrin Grossman has been appointed by Kinetic Concepts Inc. to serve as a director and member of the board’s audit and compliance committee and nominating governance committee. Woodrin recently retired as a partner of Pricewaterhouse- Coopers after 37 years with the firm, where he served as global chairman of the firm’s healthcare practice.