From Kathy Werst Detwiler:

Homecoming and the Alumni Awards ceremony at Moravian College in October were spectacular. The Comenius Award was presented to Peter French ’60 and many of his and our classmates were present to celebrate with him. Connie Glagola ’60 and Wayne and I were privileged to attend Pete’s Thursday evening presentation, “Sub- Saharan Africa at Mid-Passage: Reflections on Four Decades of Independence and Challenges in the New Century.” Pete currently serves as vice president and dean for academic affairs, University of South Florida.

Also in attendance at the awards presentation were Bill Keller ’60, sharing stories of planning reunions with Pete, Jean Bassford Galbraith and Jim Galbraith ’60 with stories of their son’s Moravian graduation in 1988, Paul Noonan ’60, who looks just as he did in college, Tony Falco ’57, whose introduction of Pete was truly standup comedy material, Roy Goshorn ’58, a recipient of the Comenius Award in 2002, Pat and Monk Morelli ’57, our classmate and co-chair of our 50th reunion just ahead.

Wayne and I also renewed acquaintance with Mike and Ruth Overfield Fidorack ’41, former professional colleagues in the Bethlehem Area School District. Saturday afternoon a good Hounds football game took place on newly renovated Steel Field; in the evening, Homecoming weekend concluded with Ibsen’s Ghosts in the Arena Theater.

Wish you all could have been there. Monk and I will be meeting shortly to begin plans for our 50th reunion; please let me know if you are interested in helping.

I received an e-mail from Bob and Mary Ann Smodish Kellow. After graduation, they lived in Stanhope, N.J., while Bob worked as a business office manager for New Jersey Power & Light from 1965 to 1971. He was promoted to assistant manager of business offices. In 1982, he joined the plans and programs department of GPU Nuclear at Forked River and worked there until retirement in 1988. In 2004, Bob and Mary Ann relocated to Whiting, N.J., to a new home that is wheelchair- friendly to accommodate Mary Ann’s needs.

Hope to see you ’59 classmates around campus!


The Class of 1958 is looking for a correspondent. Please contact Pat Hanna in the Alumni Office at


Reunion May 19-20

From Renee Johnson Dragotta:

This is our year to return to Moravian College to talk about the ’50s and all the years between then and now. It’s also the time to see the growth that has taken place on North and South Campus since 1956.

As you may recall, the Classes of 1956 and 1957 were the last to enter under the separate Moravian Colleges for women and for men. The merger was completed by the fall of 1954. Appropriately, our reunion theme is “North and South Meet.”

We’ll see you there!

Several veterans from our class, Jack Burke, Tom Labert, and Champ Storch, along with those from other classes, may team with the College to initiate a project about returning vets and campus life. More information on this project will follow.



From Helen Desh Woodbridge:

Liking the sights and sounds of farm animals and the taste of pork and sauerkraut, Bev Bell ’56 and I returned to the Allentown Fair one early September day. Later that same month, Cas and I enjoyed touring Annapolis with an alumni group. Nancy Frantz ’52 gave me a picture of us along with Bob Englebrecht ’53, ’56 and Joan, of herself and Ruth Kelly ’41, after arriving on the boat for a cruise. Classmates Shirley Beck Dutt and Karl, Tom Keim ’49 and Louise were also among the group. I took a picture of Shirley standing next to the cannon, made in England, in front of the Maryland House and Senate Chambers. In October, we were on another bus trip with the Engelbrechts, Keims, and Nancy, this time sponsored by the Kemerer Museum, to Glencairn Museum, the estate at Cairnwood, and the Bryn Athyn Cathedral, all about Emmanuel Swedenborg and his followers, their religion, and their art. On November 30, we went on another Kemerer trip to the Schwenkfelder Library and Heritage Center, Pennypacker Mills, and Pottsgrove Manor to learn more about the contributions of early Pennsylvanians.

The series of Bach at Noon concerts, held in Central Moravian Church and featuring the Bach Choir, have been well attended, including classmates Lois L. Geehr and Fred from North Wales, Shirley Beck Dutt from Easton, and Bev Bell from Allentown.

Classmate Dottie Ruyak was in town for her 55th high school reunion in September. I saw her and Anne Enright ’52 at the Holiday Inn informal social.

Tomorrow Cornelia Schlotter ’57 will be in town to see her friends and attend the Christmas Vespers with two cousins, her classmates Carmella Carrescia ’57, Karen Johnson Beery ’57, husband Harold, and Bev Bell.


From E. Allen Schultz:

Charlie Hasenecz seems to have found the key to eternal youth. He reports that he sees Sam Spagnola every few days at the Bethlehem Y and that he also “works” as a volunteer at St. Luke’s Hospital every Monday and Friday from 6:15 a.m. to 11:15 a.m. in the operating room, wearing “scrubs,” as do the medical professionals. After a number of years at St. Luke’s in pediatrics, where he was busy feeding babies, he found the OR more of a challenge and has accrued nearly 6,000 volunteer hours! He said Al Lilly and Joe Lechman also volunteer at St. Luke’s but in other areas of the hospital.

Jack Gotthardt e-mailed that in January 2005 he spent 30 days in Kikoura, New Zealand, participating in dolphin research in conjunction with the Texas A&M/Earthwatch Project. The purpose was to mark the effect of tourism, i.e., swimming with the dolphins, upon dusky dolphins in the waters around New Zealand. The tourists come mostly from Japan and other parts of Asia; the project monitors are Canadian students. Jack said his days were spent on a small boat or hillside recording the reaction of the main dolphin pod to the tourists and any threat of sea lions, killer whales, and sharks.

From Phil Trimble, who with his wife, Pat, seems to have found a marvelous style of life in retirement: “All is well with the Trimbles. Our health and finances are holding up to the extent that it enables us to pursue our love of sailing and traveling. We recently returned from a trip to Australia and New Zealand, thus completing our visit to all seven continents. We continue to sail and explore the beautiful places of the Chesapeake Bay. We’ll never see them all, but we’re sure trying. In between, Pat and I are volunteer drivers for Faith in Action, providing transportation and other services for the needy. Boredom never will be a problem.”

Yours truly and the rest of us in the Tampa Bay area again have come through another hurricane season. Responses for help to the victims of Katrina and Rita from this area were astounding! Now we are able to enjoy the winter months with the renowned Florida weather.