Reunion May 19-20

From Ruth Hemmerly Kelly:

Ruth Reitz Balish, my faithful correspondent, sends me detailed letters of her activities. She sent a picture of her and her dad in 1946 when they worked together at Sacred Heart Hospital. Now Ruth and her husband are in a retirement community in Hixson, Tenn. She is having some physical problems: spinal stenosis, etc. But she is very upbeat. We are all in the same boat with white hair, various aches and pains, and not as healthy as we were 60 years ago, but don’t forget, this May is our 65th reunion. We want all of you back at Moravian to see the progress on the campus, meet old friends, have a trolley ride down Main Street, and enjoy delicious breakfasts, lunches, and dinners.

All of you, do try to come. Take your pain pills, eye drops, vitamin tablets, or whatever, and plan to be here the weekend of May 20.

Thelma Scheifele Heiberger celebrated her 86th birthday in April and is enjoying life with Bob, her daughter Roberta, and Roberta’s husband in Virginia. They are able to participate in cultural activities in the area, though like most of us they have physical problems.

Ruth Overfield Fidorack and Mike traveled to Tahiti in December and cruised the area for two weeks. Ruth has done a great job as chairman of our reunion committee for some years and has now turned the reins over to Lou Molnar ’51, our new president.

I was on a two-week cruise in the Mediterranean in October and November. The weather was beautiful, the food was outstanding, and there were lots of interesting side trips to various cities, as well as activities on the ship. It was a wonderful way to spend a leisurely vacation, doing just as much as you feel like doing.

1941-46 Men



From Christine Roberts Fraley:

Isabel Rohrbach Smith sent me an e-mail August 1, too late for the deadline for the fall issue. She is well and still maintains her home in Mission, Kan. She continues to travel, which amazes me, as I certainly could not do it. Isabel spent time in Boston with her two granddaughters. She was in Germany for two weeks and as usual traveled to Spain this past winter. She stayed there for two months and played lots of bridge, in addition to seeing many independent films.

Olivia Musselman Barnes had a knee replacement in September. She recovered quickly and is active, as usual. She, Mary Fabian Strock, and Pat Ruhe Kehs represented our class at Alumni Weekend last May.

Betty Wagner Chase lives in a retirement home in New Hampshire, 10 miles from her husband’s son and family. Betty and her husband moved there from Florida in March 2000. Her husband died in October 2003 at the age of 91. Betty says that she is in fair health and has an attractive two-bedroom apartment. Betty also informed me that Betty Kessler Brady died on Easter weekend. She had been living in a retirement home in Leesburg, Va.

I am happy living here at Luther Crest. Please let me hear from you!