Judith E. Green, 1951-2006

Associate Editor, Moravian College Magazine

Readers of this magazine will remember that with the Fall 2001 issue, the articles took on added interest and liveliness. This change coincided with the appointment of Judith Green as assistant director of publications at Moravian College and associate editor of the Moravian College Magazine. It is with sadness that we report her death.

Described by the San Jose Mercury News as a “gutsy, feisty theater critic” and “an old-style newshound,” Judith Green brought impressive credentials and skills to Moravian. Besides her master’s degree in journalism from Columbia, she had bachelor’s and master’s degrees in music. She was theater, drama, and arts critic for the Mercury News from 1984 to 1996, before moving on to similar positions at the Baltimore Sun and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. While with the Mercury News she served twice on the Pulitzer Prize drama jury.

Her special interest was in the arts, and she contributed many articles about art, dance, and music to the magazine. But she wrote well and entertainingly on everything else from bicycling to the Black Death to the physics of superconductors. Her very first feature for the Moravian College Magazine was on the disaster of 9/11 and the escapes, eyewitness accounts, and rescue efforts of Moravian alumni.

She cultivated other writers, finding promising contributers to the magazine among faculty, students, alumni, and members of the support staff. She also used her contacts in the journalism world to bring distinguished outside writers to the magazine, the most recent example being Mindy Aloff, nationally known dance critic, who profiled Patricia McAndrew ’68 in the Fall 2005 issue.

She wrote the College’s annual reports for the past four years, bringing a reporter’s sense of the exciting and newsworthy to her accounts of the institution’s activities. She also produced the campus newsletter, the College catalog, the Student Handbook, and programs for numerous events such as Vespers and Commencement.

On March 28, 2006, Judith Green lost her battle with a rare form of cancer. Because her illness and death had a severe impact on the work of the Publications Office, this issue of the Moravian College Magazine is a combined Winter/Spring issue. The next issue will be Fall 2006.

Caption: Judith Green at the Christo installation in Central Park. February 2005.

Photos:John Kish IV