CEO for a Day

Warren Hilton, director of career development, and Sylvia Muller Doyle, associate director of development, organized a second annual, very successful Careers in Banking program on February 23. It involved about 50 area banking professionals and attracted more than 100 Moravian students and 20 students from other institutions.

One banker said he felt "completely reenergized" by the event.

It had an unusual sequel: Linda Nguyen '07, Joseph Oppold '06, and Christine Hrichak '05 were selected to shadow a banking CEO for a day. On April 26, a long, long limousine pulled up on campus to take the lucky winners to work.

Above, Ekow Bedu-Amissah '06 gets career information from a representative of the Federal Reserve Bank in Philadelphia at the jam-packed Careers in Banking event. Below, Linda Nguyen '07 and Christine Hrichak '05 get ready to head for work as CEOs for a day in their stretch limousine.

--John Kish IV