Class Notes

NEWS OF 1995
Reunion Homecoming 2005

From Krisa Murray Arzayus:

Pamela Ridgeway Niglio and her husband, David, had a baby girl, Kelsey Rose, October 28.

Yolanda Fontanez Coleman and Billy Coleman had twin girls July 3, 2004. Their names are Bianca and Sofia.

Michele Mariano Miller and her husband, Kyle, had a baby girl, Hannah, April 23, 2004.

Following Moravian, Matthew Mayer got his law degree from the University of Richmond and then entered the Army as an attorney in the Judge Advocate General Corps. He has been in the JAG Corps for five years and is stationed in Heidelberg, Germany, working for Headquarters, U.S. Army/ Europe. He was to deploy to Afghanistan in February with the Southern European Task Force, a unit stationed in Vicenza, Italy.

From the Alumni House:

Scott Morro spoke in April to Kappa Delta Pi, the education honor society, about his justpublished novel for young people, Last Ups. His wife, Lisa Coffin Morro, was his high-tech manager when the classroom projector failed to work! The book is based on an experience from Scott’s youth, when he and brother Brion Morro ’97 broke a neighbor’s window during a backyard baseball game.

NEWS OF 1994

From the Alumni House:

Todd Burkhardt is a major in the U.S. Army and teaches philosophy at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.

NEWS OF 1993

From the Alumni House:

Marta Boulos Gabriel visited Lebanon for the first time since her family left in 1973. She visited ancient Roman ruins in Baalback in southern Lebanon with her sister Malki Boulos Basha and her daughter, Camille.

NEWS OF 1992

From the Alumni House:

Tracy Rabbitt married Keith Peterson on March 5 in Spring Lake, N.J. The matron of honor was Kate Lovett Dean and the bridesmaid Gretchen Hochreiter Eby. Also there were Moravians Tracy Hunt, Heather Friedel Hosfeld, Tina Bitner Nardo, and Georgia Hatges Kalavruzos.

NEWS OF 1991

NEWS OF 1990
Reunion Homecoming 2005

From the Alumni House:

Paul Richard has accepted a position as a U.S. postal inspector and will move to Sacramento, California.

NEWS OF 1989

From Kerri Selland Pepoy:

My husband, Jon, and I moved to Maine in January because of a job relocation. Jon is a plant manager for Pepsi in Auburn, Maine. I work for the Maine State Police. We love our new home and our new home state! Please note my new e-mail address.

Craig A. Haney married Laura Naisho, originally from Nairobi, Kenya, in the summer of 2004. On March 2, they had a baby boy named Creighton.

NEWS OF 1988

From the Alumni House:

Abdelrahim Abdussalam, the husband of Yasmin Bugaighis, died unexpectedly on January 30. He had taught world geography at Moravian, and Yasmin, who went on to get a degree in architecture at Kansas State University, worked as a project manager for the College’s facilities office from 2000 to 2002, when she moved to Lehigh University. Yasmin is the daughter of Mohamed Bugaighis, professor emeritus of mathematics. Her brother Tarek ’88 and his wife, the former Elizabeth Tyler ’87, also are members of the College community.