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NEWS OF 1987

From Diane Hvizdak Taylor:

Sandy Hammel Cinque and I attended Vespers in December. We had a blast sitting with a group of OGO brothers from the classes of ’58 to ’61, led by Roy Goshorn ’58 with Bruce Mumie ’58, Monk Morelli ’59, Bob Russoli ’60, Joe Castellano ’61, and Kenneth Sepe ’61. This group of dedicated alumni attends Homecoming and Vespers together every year! Sandy and I hope to make Vespers an annual tradition.

I received an e-mail from Lauri Habakus Fetch: “Things have been very busy in the Fetch house. We had a baby boy, Quinn, last year. (He just turned 1 this past November.) Our oldest son, Christian, is 4½ and becoming an excellent swimmer, thanks to the warmer California climate and swimming lessons. We just got back from our vacation in Hawaii. Most important, I’m pregnant again, due in April, and this time it’s a girl. I still work occasionally on commercials, but my time has mostly been consumed with the boys’ busy schedules.”

I also heard from Keith Siegfried, who writes: “We moved to Alpharetta, Ga., a northern suburb of Atlanta, back in January 2001. When we lived in Pennsylvania, we would get to Homecoming every other year or so, but now haven’t been back in a number of years.”

He and his wife, Donna Male Siegfried ’88, have three children: Steven, 11, Ryan, 7, and Abby, 6, who keep them very busy with school and sports activities. Steven and Ryan are baseball players, and Abby loves soccer.

Donna is the medical editor of Arthritis Today, the magazine of the National Arthritis Foundation. Keith works as director of business systems in the information and technology department of CIGNA. He’s been with the company for 15 years. Donna and Keith are looking to find other Moravian grads in the Atlanta area. You can contact Keith via e-mail at k.siegfried

Sandy Hammel Cinque recently caught up with Ruth Cole Burcaw during a business trip to North Carolina. Ruth runs her own event-planning business. Her URL is When she’s not working on her business, Ruth keeps busy with her husband and two children.

Sandy herself was named Nurse of the Year for 2005 and president-elect of the New Jersey Association of Occupational Health Nurses.

And I keep myself busy serving as president-elect of the Financial Planning Association of New Jersey for 2005, working as a financial planner, and running around with my 7-year-old son.

From the Alumni House:

Elizabeth Tyler Bugaighis has been named dean of humanities and social sciences at Northampton Community College. She joined the administrative staff in 2002 as assistant dean of arts and sciences. In 2003 she was chosen to participate in the National Institute for Leadership Development, an international program for administrators and faculty in higher education. She was promoted to acting dean this past fall.

NEWS OF 1986

NEWS OF 1985
Reunion Homecoming 2005

From the Alumni House:

Jim Danna sent a photo of himself from early May 2003. In the background is the New Presidential Palace, Baghdad, Iraq. It is shortly after the end of the ground war and the fall of Baghdad. “That picture shows me as the executive officer of the Second Brigade, First Armored Division, standing in front of our tactical operations center, set up under the camouflage nets with all the antennas and microwave dishes.” He is currently on a training exercise in Germany. Jim has been on active duty since the day before he graduated, June 1, 1985.

NEWS OF 1984

NEWS OF 1983

From the Alumni House:

Linda Wanniski Terefenko has donated a collection of 120 books on peace and conflict-resolution studies to Reeves Library. They cover such areas such as Bosnia and Northern Ireland and topics such as human rights and international law. Linda was an honors history student at Moravian, where her mentor was Professor Dan Gilbert. She is a major in the U.S. Army ready reserve and has served in Bosnia and Iraq. She also has been a private contractor for the Department of Defense in both these conflict areas. She acquired the books when she was accepted into a master’s program in peace and conflict studies run by Magee College, Ulster University, in Northern Ireland.

Top, Matthew Fourney ’05 with his father, John Fourney ’92, M.B.A. ’96. Middle, Heather Leigh McGarvie ’05 with her aunt, Valerie Hand Morris ’85. Bottom, Gary Hefflefinger ’05 with his father, Thomas Hefflefinger ’79.

Top and bottom photos: John Kish IV
Middle photo: courtesy of
Valerie Hand Morris