Class Notes

NEWS OF 1976
Reunion May 19-20

NEWS OF 1975

NEWS OF 1974

From Cyndee Andreas Grifo:

Anita Spivey Clark married Bill Brosky in October. She and Bill work for New Jersey’s Division of Youth and Family Services, a child-protection services agency, in Warren County. Anita has been working there for 19 years. She evaluates potential foster homes and has a caseload of older teens. Anita has two grown daughters and a stepson who lives with them. She and Bill are active members of First Presbyterian Church, Allentown, and of the King’s Riders, the local chapter of the Christian Motorcyclists Association. They have bought land in Maryville, Tennessee, where they hope to retire in a few years.

NEWS OF 1973

From the Alumni House:

Lauren Krupa lives in Wind Gap, writes a lot of poetry and surfs the ’Net. She and her husband, Kevin, are retired. Lauren worked 14 years as a systems administrator for Whitehall Township Library, and Kevin worked for Martin Guitar. Her oldest son, J. Alex Lang, is web systems manager at Carnegie Mellon University. He also plays in a jazz band. Her youngest son, Ben, works for Britco, a manufacturer of factory-built and portable buildings, and plays guitar in a band. She has two granddaughters, Sarah and Ashley, from Alex.

NEWS OF 1972

NEWS OF 1971
Reunion May 19-20

From the Alumni House:

Having moved to Fort Lauderdale in July 2002, Brad Lutz works as a chaplain for VITAS Innovative Hospice in its Broward County program.

NEWS OF 1970

From the Alumni House:

After the December 26 tsunami across Southeast Asia, Hugh Gratz traveled to Sri Lanka to train crisis counselors. He is part of a nine-member team that oversees implementation of crisis-counseling services for tsunami survivors. The group is under the auspices of the Green Cross.

Michael D. Schrenko met up with a few of his classmates at reunion in May, including Joe Karaman, whom he last saw when he hosted an alumni party at the Corinthian Yacht Club in Marblehead, Mass., in June 2003.

After his graduation, Frazier Montgomery was drafted by the Army. He beat them to the punch and joined the U.S. Air Force. Instead of serving in Vietnam, he spent his overseas time at RAF Lakenheath, England. He then migrated to the D.C. area and found employment with the federal government. Eventually he went back to work for the Air Force as a civilian employee. In 1997, he retired at the ripe old age of 50, after almost 27 years of federal service. He has sold his home in Maryland and built a new home in Little River, S.C, near Myrtle Beach.

NEWS OF 1969

From Caroline Funk Rabold:

Last Christmas, my husband and I attended Vespers at Central Moravian Church. It had been many years since I had been there, and I had forgotten just how beautiful it is. I encourage any of you who are close enough to revisit this wonderful event. This year I have been nominated to the Alumni Board for the 2005-2008 term, and I am looking forward to serving. My thanks to all who have contributed news.

David Saltzer attended our 35th reunion last spring. David is a psychologist and lecturer in Northampton. Semi-retired from his private practice, he has closed the two offices he had in Whitehall. He lectures at Penn State’s Lehigh Valley campus. His major interest of late has been his new statistics workbook, and he looks forward to playing the guitar. David and his wife, Sally, recently celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. They have four children: David, a fireman and emergency medical technician in Bethlehem; Heather, a pharmacy technologist in Bethlehem; Devon, who is getting her degree in occupational therapy at Misericordia College; and Brynn ’04, a development officer at Moravian. They have one grandchild: Heather’s son, Justin Ryan, 8. David’s father, the late William H. Saltzer, was Class of ’50.

I see Ray Williams every once in a while at the library in Stroudsburg. After graduation from Moravian Theological Seminary, Ray served Moravian churches in the Poconos and on Staten Island. He began a new career in teaching in 1976 and is currently a psychology teacher at East Stroudsburg High School. Ray married Judy Stephens ’71, and they have two children: Connor, a Georgetown University graduate in 2003, and Meredith, a junior at Muhlenberg College.

Joanne Fetterman Hallett regrets she could not attend our reunion because she is just too far away. She and her husband, Nathan, live in Plano, Texas, where she is an administrative bank officer and Nathan is treasurer of Dallas Area Rapid Transit.

Carol Kissinger Griffis was a nursery school teacher until just a few years ago. She lives in East Aurora, N.Y., but often gets to Bethlehem to visit her inlaws. She has two sons: Jacob and his wife live close by, and Jesse and his wife live in Virginia. Carol is a library trustee and chairs the annual used book sale. As a member of the village’s tree board, she helps decide where to plant more than 120 trees every spring. During the school year, she is a tour guide at the Audubon Center. In the winter, she enjoys crosscountry skiing, and in the summer she leads a group of women on a canoe/camping trip in the Adirondacks.

Wayne Beaver is a psychologist who has spent the last 30 years in the U.S. Air Force and the U.S. Army. He has lived in Phoenix, Ariz., since 1982. He is currently a senior psychologist for the Arizona Department of Corrections and a colonel in the U.S. Air Force Reserve. He and his wife, Maryanne, have been married 34 years and have two sons, 32 and 27 years old. Wayne and Maryanne travel frequently to their condo in Mexico.

Top, Amy Pektor '05 with her father, Lou Pektor '72, her cousin-in-law Julie Morris Pektor '96, her cousin, Chris Pektor '97, her mother, Diane Murphy Dugger '72, and her uncle, Les Pektor '69. Bottom, Sarah Cowles '05 with her father, Rick Cowles '70.

Photos: John Kish IV