Class Notes

NEWS OF 1948

From Jean Baxter McCracken:

A note from Emmeline Ugurian Lewis Dimmick described a year of illness and moving difficulties. Leonard had heart problems followed by two bouts of cancer and treatments. They were to move to Moravian Village, only to find their apartment not ready after they had sold their house. They had to move into a furnished rental and put their belongings in storage. On January 5, they finally moved into Moravian Village. To make matters worse, their Florida condo was hit by a hurricane and suffered much damage. We wish them well and hope all will be back to normal soon.

I had a note from Marion Schmidt Heacock. She and Bill traveled across the Midwest to Yellowstone National Park, where they stayed at wonderful Old Faithful Lodge. Their guide through the park was originally from Hellertown. (Small world.) Their wanderings took them to the Indianapolis Speedway, Mount Rushmore, the House on the Rock, and the Amana Colonies in Iowa.

Marion reports that Janice Trauger Bewley has moved from Florida to South Carolina.

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We had a good reunion for Charley's 80th birthday, with all eight children present plus spouses, grandchildren, and lots of friends.

NEWS OF 1947

From the Alumni House:

Noreen Iredell Cutler, a loyal alumna of many years' standing, died unexpectedly on May 8. 'Reen had agreed to be class correspondent for the year and had sent this column for the current issue. Bertie Francis Knisely '69, director of alumni relations, had just visited her in March at the hospital near her home in Venice, Florida, where she was recovering from knee surgery, and found her in excellent spirits. "She was one of our best alumnae," Bertie said. She will be much missed, and we send our condolences to her family. Its members include Victoria, who attended Moravian in the mid-'60s.

From Noreen: Peg Loveless Browne's husband is seriously ill in a nursing home, with an enlarged spleen and internal bleeding for which he receives blood transfusions. As Peg puts it: "He's hangin' in there." Peg and Tom are in our prayers.

Mary Jean Grider Spangenthal has spent Friday mornings at the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens for the last several years. There she helps with registration in the education department. Mary Jean says the horticultural center in Richmond is "very interesting and quite beautiful." Each year it sponsors tours of outstanding gardens along the Eastern seaboard, and this year Mary Jean was able to go to the Philadelphia Flower Show. She became a great-grandmother for the first time when a young lady named Virginia made her appearance February 18.

Helen Kanuskey Canfield is spending March in Florida. It's the 29th year she and her husband have done so. In May, they had three grandchildren graduating from college!

Reunion May 19-20

From Ileen Whitehead Birnbaum:

Frances Tallarico Buragino is still busy at Moravian College with Vespers tickets and being a substitute secretary-receptionist. She and Joe took a lovely sixday bus trip to Provincetown.

Ada Zellner Flower and Frank went on a trip to the western Caribbean, traveling halfway through the Panama Canal, learning about the culture and history of Central America. They visited Costa Rica, Mayan ruins, the Yucatán, Belize, and much more. They enjoyed casava bread and the indigenous drummers. Their group donated books to a new library in the back country.

Jean Mandell Litow is eager for spring. Her newly remarried granddaughter and husband bought their first home in Washington, D.C., and Jean plans to be first in line to see the cherry blossoms.

Mary Schantz Bowes's husband, Richard, has died, and so has Ann Root Meyer's husband, Brig. Gen. Edward B. Meyer. Our condolences to Mary and Ann.

Martha Meixell Danner moved to assisted living in Skillman, N.J.

My husband, Dave, and I are busy keeping tabs on our family in California, New York, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Arkansas. Our son David and his wife, Merrie, moved to Anchorage, Alaska. We will have fun visiting them from mid-May to mid-June. We also plan to visit North Platte, Nebraska, where the wonderful townspeople greeted troop trains during World War II with food and cakes. Our son Raemond and his wife, Pat, and I enjoyed a fourmile kayak trip on the Delaware River. I am sorry that I had to miss our class reunion this year.