Annual Alumni Awards Presented

Continuing a program begun in 1996, the Alumni Association also recognized volunteers who have provided exceptional service to Moravian and classes that have demonstrated outstanding participation in College activities.

Audrey Weaver ’98 received the Emerging Leader Award. Since her graduation, Weaver has contributed greatly to young alumni programming and is currently addressing student programming as well. She was a founding member of the Young Alumni Board and is now serving her second two-year term on that board as chair of the Student Relations Committee. She is also an active member of the Philadelphia Young Alumni Committee and the Blue and Grey executive committee.

William Bauman ’74 was awarded the Alumni Association’s Unsung Hero Award. At his graduation from Moravian, he received the Patricia Erskine Memorial Award for Excellence in Theatre. Since his graduation, he has supported the theatre program at Moravian in multiple capacities, including performing lead roles, costuming entire productions, and supervising the construction and painting of sets. He has contributed to more than 100 productions at Moravian.

The Young Alumni Achievement Award went to David Zinczenko ’91. Zinczenko, who was named College Journalist of the Year by the national college newspaper U. in 1990, graduated with a double major in political science and journalism and Honors in journalism. He became an associate editor at Men’s Journal in 1992. In 1993, he joined Rodale Press as associate editor of Men’s Health magazine and was later named senior editor. In July 2000, Zinczenko was named editor-in-chief of Men’s Health. He oversees the editorial content of its U.S. edition, which has a circulation of 1.6 million. He is also responsible for 26 international editions, brand extensions, and Web sites.

Alumni Association president Candy Barr Heimbach ’79 presented two additional awards: one to the Class of 1991 for the highest participation of giving from a young alumni class, and another to the Class of 1993 for the largest gift from a young alumni class.

Monk Morelli ’59, Alumni Weekend chair, honored last year’s reunion classes by presenting awards for jobs well done. The award for outstanding reunion chairs went to John Bregman and Bob Orbin for the Class of 1961; the highest participation of giving for a reunion class went to the Class of 1931 women; the largest reunion class gift went to the Class of 1951 women; and the largest matching gift for a reunion class went to the Class of 1976. Awards were also given for the highest percentage of reunion attendance to the Class of 1951 men, the most creativity for a reunion class to the Class of 1951 women, and the most spirit for a reunion class to the Class of 1971.

Alumni Association president Candy Barr Heimbach '79 presents awards to Audrey Weaver '98

David Zinczenko '91

and William Bauman '74.

Photos: Tim Gilman '73