Class Notes

NEWS OF 1955

From Helen Varady Keyser:

This letter came from Roger Amick:

“After more than 40 years of being Moravian’s no-shows, the men of 1955 came out of the woodwork August 18-19 for a great gathering. We kicked off the weekend with a tour of campus conducted by Bertie Francis Knisely ’69, director of alumni relations. And while change was everywhere, there were still those special places that stirred our memories.

“Saturday evening we met for dinner and Sunday morning for brunch at the Holiday Inn in Bethlehem. The meals were fine but the conversation even finer. For a few moments, we were young again, recalling a $350 tuition bill that was a problem! And [professors] Sam Zeller, Al Herr, Marlyn Rader, Jim Shreve, Doc Jones, Stew Rauch, Al Gaumer, Doc Burkhart, Rose and her nickel coffee and dime hot dogs in the EmCee were back in our lives.

“Class members in attendance were Roger Amick and his wife, Claire; Max Braune and his wife, Jutta; Jim Dever; Jim Evanko and his wife, Grace; Harry Fenstermaker and his wife, Deanie; Bernie Gawley and his wife, Peggy; John Giesler and his wife, Barbara; Don Guman and his wife, Betty, Fred Haack’s widow, Doris; Ted Houseknecht and his wife, June; Jim Hydusik and his wife, Geraldine; Mike Lutkus; Jules Nosal and his wife, Sharan; Pete Pezzuto and his wife, Marie; Ray Salabsky and his wife, Pat; Bob Shaup and his wife, Helen; Art Spengler and his wife, Ilene; George Warfield and his wife, Mary; Don Weaver and his wife, Shirley; and Dick Zahm.

“Proof of how good a time we had was a decision to do it again next year. We send our special thanks to the College that made it all possible—then and now.”

NEWS OF 1954

From Helen Desh Woodbridge:

The Souper Day Luncheon of the New Bethany Ministries, held October 23 at the Candlelight Inn, offered the opportunity to see and chat with Alice Shofer Durner ’52. She was accompanied by Eileen, her sister-in-law, one of the passengers on the boat that Cas and I took to the Great Barrier Reef during our 1994 Australian trip.

During Anne Enright’s recent trip to Baltimore, she and classmate Dorothy Ruyak toured town, including the Maryland Science Center.

Anne and Bev Bell ’56 were in Bethlehem for Central Moravian Church’s country store sale November 3. Bev was seen carrying another stuffed animal for her collection. What fun for her, her white terrier, Snowball, and the new puppy, Cindy, when she returned home! I sold Christmas cards and showed Central’s pulpit for our Friendship Bible Class.

In September, Bev and I enjoyed pork and sauerkraut at the Allentown Fair.

While Nancy Frantz and her husband, Bob, were in town, she opened their home on Church Street for the September meeting of her women’s group from Central Moravian Church. We realized her talent not only for making cakes but also for decorating them. One featured a lady in Moravian costume.

May 30 is Founder’s Day. Plan to see your classmates and others such as the Class of ’52, who will be celebrating their 50th anniversary. Anne Enright and Mary Pongracz ’52 are making plans for that event.

NEWS OF 1953

From the Alumni House:

Douglas Elliott Strack is semi-retired and is seeing the world by R.V. and boat.

NEWS OF 1952 - Reunion May 31 – June 1

From the Alumni House:

Sidney A. Sosnow has been retired and living in Las Vegas for the past 10 years.

NEWS OF 1951

From Carol Buechner McMullen:

On October 19, June Shafer Scholl, Vanita Egge Marvin, and I attended the second annual Alumni Awards ceremony. It was held in Peter Hall, better known to most of us as the Chapel. We were there to accept, on behalf of all our classmates, two awards: one for Most Creativity for a Reunion Class, the other for the Largest Gift for a Reunion Class. The awards are to be displayed in a case outside Prosser Auditorium. June, Vanita, and I wished that all of the many classmates who contributed so much could have been with us, and we agreed that we were fortunate to be members of such a wonderful class.

Nancy Oplinger Dover sent a feature article from the Albuquerque Journal called “Ditching School,” which described how Nancy, the “ditchbank lady,” introduces walkers to Albuquerque’s extensive canal system. Nancy is a guide with OASIS, an educational program for seniors, and she takes groups of 30 on any of eight walking tours of the canals. Nancy learned to love ditches as a child when her father took her along Saucon Creek in Hellertown. On a trip with the Rio Grande Nature Center, she learned that the water flowing through the canals comes from the point at which the Rio Grande flows into the Angostura Diversion Dam in Algodones.

NEWS OF 1950

NEWS OF 1949

Men of the Class of 1955 “came out of the woodwork” for an informal reunion August 18-19. First row: Michael Lutkus, Robert Shoup, Roger Amick, Jim Evanko, Bernie Gawley; second row: John Giesler, Harry Fenstermaker, Don Weaver, Art Spengler; third row: Ted Houseknecht, Jim Dever, George Warfield, Ray Salabsky; fourth row: Max Braune, James Hydusik, Dick Zahm, Don Guman.