Learning in Common Forges a LinC with Alumni

Freshmen at Moravian were given a wonderful opportunity to hear some hard-earned wisdom from alumni during this fall’s LinC 100 (Introduction to College Life) classes. Alumni generously volunteered to come to a class and speak on a panel consisting of two to four alumni. They spoke about their time here at Moravian and what they learned, and how their time in college has impacted their lives and where they are today.

Art Lyons, professor of psychology and director of the Introduction to College Life program, commented, “This past semester, Moravian College alumni returned to the college classroom once again, but not as students. They served on informal panels where they shared their perspectives about how obtaining a liberal education at Moravian had changed their lives.

“I had initial reservations about whether or not our freshmen in these specially designed classes would be receptive to these presentations. These concerns were not warranted. Our alumni bridged the generation gap and inspired the freshmen. They challenged them to do their best, to become engaged in college life, and, of course, they also highlighted how some college experiences become lifelong memories.

“The response from the freshmen has been so enthusiastic that the program is being refined and will be continued next year.”

Melissa Stengel Andresko ’98 was a speaker on one of the panels and had this to say about her experience, “Dr. [Theresa] Dougal’s students were very receptive to our advice to get involved on campus and to get as much work experience in their fields of interest as possible. The students asked many good questions about how their time at Moravian will affect their futures and were curious about the types of job opportunities available to students with liberal arts backgrounds.

“I was impressed with their desire to succeed, both academically and socially. I don’t think that’s typical with freshmen everywhere; Moravian’s LinC 100 program has instilled in these students both passion and courage of conviction.”