Baby Talk

Brad Sherwood, who weekly asks the question “Whose Line Is It Anyway?’ on ABC-TV, asked it at Moravian on a chill, rainy night in January. One of his routines involved an assistant who was sent offstage while Sherwood asked the audience of about 800 to supply him with answers for a game of “Clue.” (What was the crime? When did it happen? Who did it? And so on.) When he got to “Where?” the audience suggested a convenience store, and the local one is, of course, Wawa. Sherwood was sure he hadn’t heard right. But when they assured him that the quick-stop market in our area was indeed called Wawa, he broke up. “Who named it?” he wanted to know. “A baby executive?” After the show, he was taken to a nearby Wawa just so he knew it was for real.