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NEWS OF 1964

NEWS OF 1963
Reunion May 30-31

From Bill Leicht:

Two very enlightening and fun-filled conference calls were held last September and December to establish plans for the 40th reunion of the Class of 1963 in May. Coordinated by alumni director Bertie Francis Knisley ’69, the call brought together these members of the planning committee: Dave Cornelius, Bob Dietrich, Marty Garcia, Sally Ann Deysher Reimer, Gary Sandercock, Judy Freeman SantaMaria, Don Vogel, and myself. The committee members will contact alumni by phone and e-mail to remind them of the reunion and encourage a huge turnout.

We hope you can set aside May 30 and 31 on your calendar and join all your classmates at the “New Look, Old Friends” reunion. See you there!

NEWS OF 1962

NEWS OF 1961

From Sam Maczko:

This past October, I had the opportunity to join Jeff Gannon at our 45-year high school reunion. Jeff lives in Woodlands, Texas, where he teaches secondary school history. He had been jogging about 30 miles a week, but recent knee surgery has slowed him down. During his visit, we had lunch with John Bregman, Joe Castellano, and Ken Sepe at an old high school hangout.

Sue Astbury enjoys life at the Jersey shore. Congratulations to Sue on her daughter’s recent marriage.

Monk Morelli ’59 and Pete Chimera ’88 did an outstanding job of organizing the OGO Golf Tournament to benefit the Gus Rampone Scholarship Fund. Joe Castellano, Ken Sepe, Keith Bregman ’95, and I had an extremely enjoyable day. Jim Franks, Fritz Toner ’58, and Charlie Peters (Moravian football line coach during our days) joined Jim Kritis, and their foursome had the lowest score.

Barry Gaal still works at Lehigh University. In September, Barry went on a golf trip to play the Robert Trent Jones course in Alabama. (He may be testing the waters for retirement.) Recently, Barry, his wife, and son traveled to Port Saint Lucie, Fla., where they participated in the Special Olympics national invitational golf tournament at the PGA golf complex. Barry says it was a first-class tournament. He and his son came in fourth out of 32 twosomes. This was truly a family affair: Barry’s wife was the caddy.

Gene Jani keeps busy coaching baseball. His 40-game fall season just came to an end with a trip to Raleigh, N.C. On October 2, Gene and his wife left for eight weeks in Florida. During their stay, they took a cruise out of Tampa for a week in the Caribbean.

Please send information about you and your family. I know our classmates truly enjoy reading these updates.

NEWS OF 1960

NEWS OF 1959

NEWS OF 1958

From Bennie Bennett:

My thoughts will be with all the 1958 alumni who will attend Alumni Weekend 2003. I look forward to alumni notes from those who attend.

Remember the Four Freshmen song “Moments to Remember”? Let’s reminisce about when we attended MoMo, whether as a day or boarding student. Life in the 1950s was far less complicated. However, as time progressed, modern technology has far improved education, scholarship, medicine, banking, the arts and humanities, science, research, and more.

Life is what you make of it, so do the best you can by strengthening your assets to overcome the liabilities. In life, it’s not the stress, it’s how you deal with it.

Despite my physical challenges, I am busy in my office-studio-workshop in my large kitchen. I continue to edit manuscripts that the computer cannot. I am also refinishing/restoring small wood items and making designer cutlery with wooden handles. I also write articles for newsletters for the physically challenged, including Sharing.

Your news is always welcome.

NEWS OF 1957

From the Alumni House:

Carl Ackerman and his wife, Dee, had a busy year traveling here and abroad. They went to Vancouver and took the train trip across the Canadian Rockies to Jasper, Lake Louise, and Banff. In August, they went to Romania with a group from their church to do mission work. Dee taught vacation Bible school in villages around Brasov, and Carl helped renovate the mission’s headquarters. When they got back, they visited their son and his family in California. In September, they spent a week in Myrtle Beach. In between trips, Carl and Dee have been keeping busy at home by helping start a new church.

NEWS OF 1956

Houndfest '02

Roy Goshorn ’58, Monk Morelli ’59, Bill Stifnagle ’56, Joe Castellano ’61, and James Howell ’60 hark back to OGO days during Homecoming Houndfest 2002.

Photo: Gregory M. Fota '69