Class Notes

NEWS OF 1993

From the Alumni House:

Amy Endler was appointed head women’s field hockey coach and assistant women’s basketball coach at Moravian. She had been the women’s basketball coaching intern and helped Mary Beth Spirk guide our 2002-03 team to the Commonwealth Conference championships.

NEWS OF 1992 - Reunion Homecoming 2002

From the Alumni House:

Alyssa Orfanelli White and her husband, Michael White, have moved back into the Lehigh Valley and are excited to be in touch with friends from Moravian

NEWS OF 1991

From Melissa dePamphilis:

Grace Zarnas-Hoyer and her husband, Robert Hoyer ’96, had their second child October 24. Sophia Grace was born on their 11th wedding anniversary. Grace’s sister, Christina Zarnas Donahue ’94, will baptize the baby next summer. Their first child, Stephen Robert, will be 3 in March. Grace is proud to report that her father, Stephen Zarnas ’68, is a Moravian College trustee. Grace has started her own editorial, marketing, and public relations firm, Hoyer & Associates Inc.

Hey, Class of ’91: please let me know what’s going on in your lives!

NEWS OF 1990

From the Alumni House:

Michele Stocklas Anderson has been diagnosed with non-Hodgkins B-cell lymphoma, a cancer of the lymphatic system. She writes: “It is of a low grade, which is good because it is a slow-growing cancer but bad as it has a high rate of recurrence. . . The average remission is two years.”

Michele is the mother of 5-year-old triplets. “The triplets do not know anything beyond Mom is a little more tired now. That is all they need to know . . . I have gone through the why-me stage and the anger stage and the crying-every-day stage, and I am now in kick-some-ass stage.

“The prognosis at this point looks good, and the oncologists I am working with run my case through Temple University to make sure I am getting the most up to date and relevant treatment.

“Work is going to be tricky. I don’t have many sick days to play with right now. The staff is covering for most of my doctor appointments so a sub does not have to be called. And once the chemo starts, everyone has offered to give up some sick days to me. But that has to go through the assistant superintendent, who is not as compassionate as perhaps she should be.

“I appreciate everyone’s letters, cards, phone calls, and e-mails. Continue to send your positive thoughts and prayers for Erik, Gunnar, Brynn, and me.

“Realizing that life can be so fleeting has truly made me stop stressing over small stuff and enjoy every moment. . . . The triplets are my biggest motivation for enduring all the testing and upcoming treatment.”

NEWS OF 1989 - Reunion Homecoming 2004

NEWS OF 1988

From the Alumni House:

Nadine Mary Hasenecz married Scott Lawrence Steinberg on October 4. She is an editor at Great Valley Publishing Co. in Phoenixville, and her husband is not only the music and videos supervisor at Borders Bookstore in Whitehall but also lead singer with a rockabilly band, the Whodads.

NEWS OF 1987

From Diane Hvizdak Taylor:

Lauri Habakus Fetch and her husband, John, have been living in Thousand Oaks, Calif., for 11 years. They have a boy, Christian, 3, and were expecting their second child in November. Lauri works part-time as a commercial producer but spends most of her time at home with their son. John works in pharmaceutical sales for Sanofi-Synthelabo and really enjoys it.

Scott Moore was featured on the documentary series Keeping Time: New Music from America’s Roots on the Sundance Channel. Scott performs the first Thursday of every month at the Goldhawk in Hoboken, N.J. I saw him there in August. Very impressive! He and his wife welcomed a girl last spring.
After more than 10 years with Tiffany’s as its corporate nurse, Sandra Hammel Cinque recently changed jobs. She is now the corporate nurse at GlaxoSmithKline in Parsippany, N.J.

NEWS OF 1986

From James and Lynda Farrell Swartz:

What unusual weather we have had this fall! Some great days but many others very, very wet. However, the weather did cooperate for Homecoming.

We received exciting news from Ben Hoffman and his wife, Martha, who welcomed their third child, Benjamin.

David Reynolds trains union leaders at the University of Detroit’s Labor Studies Center. His latest book, Taking the High Road: Communities Organize for Economic Change, was a top academic book of 2002.

Gail Poverman-Kave
is the mother of twins who are almost 2 years old. She enjoys her part-time job as a motivational speaker on many topics, including humor.

Jamie recently saw Norm Kurzeja and Chris Kwiecinski, who both have three children that keep them busy. Chris owns an accounting firm in New Jersey and coaches two basketball teams for his oldest daughter. Norm commutes to New York City, where he is a project manager for an advertising firm, and has taken up marathon running.

Shawn Higgins Schmitt
has started her own Southern Living at Home business in Allentown. She also enjoys time with her son, Sam.

Penny Keck Kospiah and Lisa Celot Keck were kind enough to help me out by volunteering for Homecoming this year. A big thanks to everyone who helped! We hope you’re all happy and healthy.

From the Alumni House:

Joan Kiefer Dickinson has joined the management team of American Home Bank as senior vice president for retail and commercial banking. She oversees the bank’s deposit and lending operations for the Carlisle and Lancaster branches.

NEWS OF 1985

NEWS OF 1984 - Reunion Homecoming 2004

Jennifer McKenna '96 climbs Wat Phra Ram in Cambodia.

Photo: Courtesy of Jennifer McKenna