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NEWS OF 1955

NEWS OF 1954 - Reunion May 21-22, 2004

From Helen Desh Woodbridge:

Classmate Dawn Van Keuren in Jacksonville, Ala., left a message on my answering machine saying she feels better and plans to attend our 50th reunion.

A phone call from Cornelia Schlotter ’53 brought news of the death of Janis Byram Cook. Though saddened, I was comforted to learn that she and Lowell completed their goal of visiting all 50 states.

By now, you ’54 classmates have received a three-page mailing with information about Alumni Weekend 2004: an alumni survey, “Taste of Moravian,” a letter from your reunion committee about our 50th reunion, and a guide to area hotel accommodations.

The committee met with alumni director Bertie Knisely ’69 for a conference call with Joan Kinard Mercado in Houston, Elynor Fishel Rights in Clemmons, N.C., and Dorothy Ruyak in Baltimore. We were not able to reach Nancy Bishop Risser for the conference call, but she already has contacted classmates and offered to contact more for this special class event. If you haven’t been contacted by a reunion committee member, you will be soon.

NEWS OF 1953

NEWS OF 1952

NEWS OF 1951

From Caroll Buechner McMullen:

It was a great pleasure to see classmates last May and June. I spent most of my summer visiting relatives and friends on Long Island, Cape Cod, and in Maine. Coming home after Labor Day, I felt it was time to get to work. I volunteered for a program at my local library that is affiliated with the Literacy Volunteers of America. I became a teacher of English for non-English speakers. First I had to take a course and pass a difficult exam. Initially we were assigned to tutor one student at a time; my first was a Russian lady. I’m not sure which of us is learning the most, but I hope I’m helping her.

June Shafer Scholl, with her daughter Heather and grandson Andrew, went to Hawaii to attend the 50th anniversary of longtime friends. Her arrival, known only to the couple’s children, was a wonderful surprise. On the return trip, June spent a day in La Jolla, Calif., for a reunion with a friend from a European study tour that she took after her junior year at Moravian.

June’s trip to Washington, D.C., scheduled for September 18, was delayed for two days because of Hurricane Isabel. When she arrived, planning a visit with her son, David, his home was without power. David took her to stay with her sister, Lois Shafer Smith, and her husband, Dick, and they were able to enjoy their planned timeshare week on Hilton Head.

June’s granddaughter, Amy Frantz ’06, a political science major, had been working for one of the recent mayoral candidates. A televised debate was held at the College, and Amy was one of the students selected to question the candidates. See June for the videotape!

As I wrote this, Amy was working on Richard Gephardt’s campaign in Iowa.

Fern Bachman Koplin continues with as many activities as her health allows. She teaches Sunday school, is a member of Church Women United, leads a Bible study group, and hosts family dinners. She and June are “phone buddies,” checking with each other mornings and evenings. Fern’s son Larry, a firefighter, was married November 8. One of her granddaughters is a high school cheerleader, the other a competitive gymnast.

Nancy Oplinger Dover and her husband, Ed, with their granddaughter Kaye, visited Hawaii in October. In Kihei, one of their favorite places, they enjoyed surfing and sightseeing.

Please write, call, e-mail, and share your ideas, activities, and news.

NEWS OF 1950

From Bob Scholl:

Justin Carisio, along with Tom Keim ’49, was happy to have President Rokke and his son, Eric, as guests at the September breakfast of the IWSA.

Members of IWSA (which stands for I Was Shot At) are Lehigh Valley veterans associated with the U.S. Air Force and its predecessors: fighter pilots, bomber crews, maintenance and ground personnel.

President Rokke, a retired Air Force lieutenant general with a distinguished military record, presented a detailed and most interesting talk about his Air Force career and missions.

President Rokke’s son, Eric, an Air Force pilot who served in Afghanistan, was visiting his parents. He gave an interesting talk to the group about his experience as a fighter pilot.

From the Alumni House:

Emanuel (Manny) Roman, a retired dentist who uses as his e-mail address, identified several of the students in last issue’s photo of a biology class taught by Professor Kenneth A. Bergstresser. (It was in the article about the Moravian College Archives exhibit.) The two students on the left are Rene Fernandes ’51 from Surinam, who lived on the top floor of Comenius Hall, and Earl Deubler Jr., who was Manny’s roommate in 1947 and 1948. Earl earned his doctorate (in biology!) from Cornell University and taught at Hartwick College in upstate New York.

“ Besides me, in several of these classes was the late Albert Gaumer, who succeeded Professor Bergstresser as head of the Biology Department.” He also remembers Professor Allan F. Herr of the English Department, which at that time had offices in Colonial Hall. “I look forward to my 55th-year reunion in 2005 and to seeing my classmates,” he says.

NEWS OF 1949 - Reunion May 21-22

From Norma Boldt Wynne:

Faye Werley Jurden is feeling much better. She and Jack are having the house worked on. Now that he’s retired, Jack is doing three cartoons weekly. Their daughter Jan, who has attended many Moravian events with her mother, loves being a judge in Delaware. Jan and her family recently moved and are so busy that Faye doesn’t get to see her 3-year-old granddaughter as often as she’d like.

I read in Lehigh University’s alumni bulletin that Penny Hall Porter’s husband, Bill, died a year ago. We extend our sympathy to Penny and her family.

Our 55th reunion will be in the spring! Please start making plans to attend. It would be fun to see everyone again.

From Tom:

I received a holiday card from Bernie Terzigni with a photo of his beautiful home in Palm Harbor, Fla. He hopes to make it to the reunion in May.

We are honored to have one of our classmates, Ivan Backer, as recipient of the 2003 Haupert Humanitarian Award this past October, given by the Alumni Association. He received the award for community leadership. Ivan was a driving force in the revitalization of the blighted Frog Hollow neighborhood in Hartford, Conn. While on the staff of Trinity College, he became founding executive director and president of the Southside Institutions Neighborhood Alliance, which has been recognized nationally as a model for community revitalization.

Don’t forget our 55th reunion on Alumni Weekend! More information will be coming in the mail. Hope to see you then!

Moravian College Alumni Association Holds Fourth Alumni Awards Ceremony
2003 Alumni Award recipients: Mayo Lanning, Judith Share Yaphe, Michelle Litzenberger Trent, April Major, Fred Reinhard, Ivan Backer, and Carol Mooney Kemp in front.
Photo:Tom Gliman '73

The Alumni Association presented six awards at the fourth annual Alumni Awards Ceremony over Homecoming Weekend.

The Comenius Alumni Award was presented to Judith Share Yaphe ’66. A Distinguished Research Professor at the Institute for National Strategic Studies at the National Defense University and an adjunct professor in the Eliot School of International Affairs at George Washington University, Judith is a specialist in Middle Eastern political analysis, with a focus on Iraq, the Persian Gulf, and Arab, Islamic, and regional issues. Considered one of the most respected authorities on Iraq in the U.S., Judith received the Intelligence Medal of Commendation for her work on the 1990-1991 Persian Gulf war. She co-authored the book Strategic Implications of a Nuclear-Armed Iran and wrote and edited The Middle East in 2015: The Impact of Regional Trends in U.S. Security Planning.

Ivan Backer ’49 was honored with the 2003 Haupert Humanitarian Award, which honors an alumna or alumnus who has rendered outstanding service in the cause of human welfare, in recognition of his leadership in community revitalization.

Carol Mooney Kemp ’80, recipient of the Benigna Education Award, is an eighth-grade English teacher at Old Turnpike Middle School in Tewksbury Township, N.J. Carol was the 1998 and 2000 recipient of the New Jersey Department of Education Best Practice Award for Innovation in Language Arts. CNN television and nationwide radio featured her original interdisciplinary Victorian Unit, which also received a 1998 New Jersey State School Board Award. In 1986, her eighth-grade English class ranked first in the nation in the National Language Arts Olympiad, and in 2002, Carol and her husband, Edward, were honored for co-directing 21 school musicals.

The Young Alumni Achievement Award was presented to April Major ’93 for her expertise in the Internet and the practice of law. Her work exploring the intersection of law and technology and its global implications for modernizing legal systems was featured in the spring 2003 issue of the Moravian College Magazine.

The Emerging Leader Award was presented to Michelle Litzenberger Trent ’93 for her service to Moravian. As a graduate in international management, Michelle studied in Toulon, France, during her junior year. She was a member of the French Club and a French language tutor, and served as promotions coordinator for the Activities Program Board, as well as secretary and menu coordinator of the International Club. From 1999 through May 2001, Michelle chaired the Young Alumni Board’s Career Development Committee, where she helped develop mock interviews for juniors and seniors and organized career panels. A member of the Alumni Career Advising Program, Michelle has participated in the student-alumni career networking receptions and as a career panelist. Since 1995, she has served as her class correspondent, has attended numerous alumni events, and has served candles at Christmas Vespers.

In acknowledgement of their commitment to Moravian, the Alumni Association recognized Fred Reinhard and Mayo Lanning as honorary alumni.

Since his daughter, Joan ’86, and son, Jeffrey ’90, began attending Moravian College, Fred Reinhard has been one of the College’s most enthusiastic and effective ambassadors and supporters. As a College trustee for more than seven years, he has provided strong direction to Moravian from the boardroom. He is an enthusiastic supporter of the Greyhound athletics teams and attends as many home and away contests as possible. Fred has also helped recruit student-athletes for Moravian’s programs, and his gifts include the initial donation to begin Moravian’s men’s and women’s varsity lacrosse programs.

Fred’s public relations support—personally and through his companies— has helped promote the College to hundreds of thousands of people in the region.

After spending 25 years as a mining engineer, Mayo Lanning began his second career at Moravian College in 1967. Mayo used his varied background to help support the Economics and Business Department and Moravian’s expanding Division of Continuing Studies (now Continuing and Graduate Studies). After retiring from full-time teaching in 1981, Mayo spent the next 18 years counseling DCS students on a part-time basis. In 1998, he began to volunteer as a tutor and counselor for DCS students. In 2002 the Accounting Club gave Mayo its Pinnacle Award for his contribution to the College and the accounting profession.