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Senior Class Gift

About the Gift

Thank you to the members of the Class of 2015 who contributed to the 2015 Senior Class Gift Campaign. As of 4/6/15 the Class of 2015 has raised, $4,777.05 from a total of 191 gifts with a participation rate of 57%.  The members of the Class of 2015 have particpated in the class gift have designated their support to an area of their choice from the Moravian Scholarship Fund to Athletics to specific academic departments. The committee's participation goal is 70% this year, help us in achieving that goal by following the link above.

We have all benefited in one way or another from the generous contributions of the Hounds that have come before us and it is now our turn to invest in all who will follow us. Tuition only covers about 2/3 of the true cost of a Moravian education. The Senior Class Gift helps to bridge that gap and make Moravian a stronger institution. This year's contributions to the Senior Class Gift will benefit current and future Hounds. Thank you for your support! As always, it’s a great day to be a Hound.


Gold Lapel Pin

$5.00 - a polished gold lapel pin to be worn at graduation and future professional events

MoCo Class of 2015/Roosevelt's 21st Pint Glass

$10.00 - polished gold lapel pin and a MoCo Class of 2015/Roosevelt's 21st pint glass

 Senior Class Custom T-Shirt

$20.15 - polished gold lapel pin, 2015/Roosevelt's pint glass, and a 2015 custom t-shirt

Participation Goal

We received 191 gifts, for a total of 57% participation and raised $4,777.05.

Meet the Committee

Coming soon.

Senior Class Gift Honor Roll

Thank you to all the seniors listed below who made a gift to the Senior Class Gift Campaign.

We received 191 gifts, for a total of 57% participation and raised $4,777.05.

Benjamin Abbot *
Taylor Abruzzese
Victoria Adamovich*
Jonathan AhbezMiller*
Kyle Apgar
Spencer Bahel-Mowrer*
Kelsey Bailey*
Caroline Bartulovich*
Devon Bedell*
Shannon Bensetler*
Kristin Beutler*
Casey Bill*
Nicholas Billera*
Christine Bishop*
Chelsea Bortz*
Emilie Bortz*
Alexandria Boyce*
Samuel Boyer*
Owen Bradely*
Alyssa Brandle*
Robert Brands*
Kaylan Bruzzone*
Edward Buoye*
Kelly Carman*
Kristina Carver*
John Casolaro
Jenna Castres*
Marissa Clark*
Kelianne Comitalo*
Vincent Confalone*
Lewis Cooper
Jenifer Dalickas*
Amy Dalmas
Maegan Davidson*
Megan Davis*
Francis DeFelice*
Claire DelCassale*
Ashley Delorenzo*
Krystal Dering*
Izel Dickerson*
Jonathan Diehl*
Debra DiMaria*
Alyssa D’lppolito
Joseph DiSarno*
Danielle Donofrio*
John Donohue*
Catherine Duffin*
Alexander Duncan*
Kayleigh Dunn*
Christopher Dunn*
Francesca Falco*
Dillon Farrell*
John Ferguson
Brielle Ferraro
Dana Fineman*
Nicole Frezza*
Stefanie Friedman*
Thomas Froehlich*
Lauren Froshhauser
Jaimie Fry*
Lindsay Galasso*
Charlotte Gallagher*
Jeffery Gallagher*

Dior George*
Adam Ghoweri*
Alexandra Giacoletti*
Martha Giesler*
Kaitlyn Gill*
David Givler*
Christopher Gomez*
Joshua Gonzalez*
Jacqueline Gordon*
Matthew Guidon*
Jeremy Hachey*
Anwar Hadeed*
Coleen Hait*
Matthew Hanson
Elias Hasenecz*
Nicholas Hastings*
Diana Henao*
Lora Hill*
Alissa Hoffman*
Michael Hoffman Jr.*
Taylor Holly*
Thomas Hudak*
Caitlin Hyland*
Alexandra Irwin*
Devon James*
Taylor Jennings*
Garrett Kashmer*
Danielle Kelly*
Amanda Kenney*
Hailey Kester*
Shawn King*
Jillian Kluyber
Rachel Knecht
Emily Krall*
Jennifer Kriz*
Richard Kugel*
Nicole Larrinson*
Emily Lambright*
Christopher Lansberry*
Michelle Lanzarone*
Jenna Lastres*
Maura Levandowski*
Andrew Loehwing*
Alexander Longenecker
Alexandria Loveall*
Ryan Luke
Elizabeth Mack*
Valerie Male*
Joseph Maltino*
Meaghan Mann*
Emily Marley
Jennifer Martin*
Jaclyn Martorana*
Shamus Matthews*
Shane McCaslin*
Lindsay McDanel
Christopher McGrath*
Jacob McKee*
Nicholas Mengucci*
Allison Miller*
Kayla Miller*
Eugene Molisso*
Jennifer Moll*

Cara Montagnese*
Rachel Morrison*
Emily Mudd*
Luke Muench*
Parker Munson*
Erin Murray*
Thomas Natole*
Heidi New*
Elizabeth Nielsen*
Diana Orman*
Daniel Ortwein*
Christopher Ossont*
Shelby Palmer*
Margaret Palmeri
Akul Patel*
Lindsay Paulus
Pat Perone*
Alana Persand*
Katherine Peters*
Photini Petrides*
Ben Pfenning*
Justin Pilchman*
Jessica Potkovac*
Carolyn Rauch*
Morgan Redmond*
Kiera Reilly*
Andrew Richmond*
Nick Roberts*
Angelo Roccamo*
Terry Rodriguez*
Sean Rossiter*
Victoria Rubial*
Raya Saba*
Sam Salvati*
Laura Sayegh*
Trevor Scarlato*
Kirsten Schall*
Gretchen Schmidt*
Stephen Scordo*
Tim Semonich*
David Siepitowski*
John Simone*
Richard Sinnig*
Christopher Souders
Ghazal Stity*
Phoebe Stone*
Morgan Sulovski*
Brielle Sutter*
Bryn Tafuri*
Alyssa Tallon*
Patrick Titus*
Andrew van der Kleut*
Giana Vechio*
Michael Vitone*
Gregory Werstler*
Taylor Wilsey*
Cayley Wise*
John Wright
Chase Yenser
David Yerger*
Jill Zeiser*

* indicates made a gift of $20.15 or more

Matching Gift

Laurie Riley Brubaker '82 will match this year adding two zeros to whatever final participation percentage is obtained.