Co-Curricular Life

Co-curricular activities greatly enhance the value of the Moravian experience. The rewards of involvement are many: making new friends, exploring new interests, developing talents, learning by doing, establishing valuable contacts, contributing to the College and the greater community, and combining social and academic interests in ways that are personally rewarding.

United Student Government

Mission: The United Student Government strives to create cohesion by providing advocacy and representation for the student body in particular, and the College community in general, and serves as the primary vehicle for the expression of the interests and concerns of the Moravian student body. The United Student Government also acts as the primary liaison between the student body and the faculty, staff, administration, alumni, and the larger College community.

Moravian's United Student Government (USG) is committed to providing undergraduates with many avenues through which their voices and viewpoints can be heard. As a member of USG, a student may serve as a member of the Legislature, hold a position within the Executive Branch, participate with faculty members and administrators in the College Governance Committee (which is responsible for crafting Moravian policies), and have the potential to become a full, voting member of the College Board of Trustees. Elections for student body president and vice president as well as senators occur every November, while committee representatives are selected on a rolling basis and the student trustee process occurs each spring. The organization meets weekly, and all full-time undergraduate students are encouraged to participate.

USG is committed to sponsoring student-centered programs, and initiates at least one major program each year that is either educational or cultural in emphasis. Additionally, USG allocates budgets and other resources to student-led clubs and organizations, as well as supports activities on campus. Groups seeking USG recognition and support should contact

United Student Government has adopted the following Code of Conduct and Ethics for Student Leaders.

The purpose of the code is to unite students on campus, inspire the continued pursuit of leadership, create something of benefit to the College and surrounding community, and reaffirm the expectations of any student who assumes a leadership position.

As members of the Moravian College community, we embrace the following values:

  • Acceptance. Those who endorse the code recognize the equality of all members of the College community, regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or other characteristics.
  • Education. Those who endorse the code believe their primary reason for attending Moravian College is to receive an education. Maximum effort in their academic pursuits is encouraged of all student leaders. Additionally, all student leaders comply with the College's policy on academic honesty.
  • Leadership. Those who endorse the code understand that it exists to enhance the quality of leadership at Moravian College. Student leaders are reminded that increased expectations accompany increased responsibilities. Keeping in mind that their conduct affects others, student leaders should use good judgment at all times and create a positive influence at the College and in the surrounding community.
  • Unity. Those who endorse the code recognize the common ground that exists among students. Regardless of the initiative taken, student leaders have sought to involve themselves in the affairs of the College. In order for the Code to be successful, student leaders must commit themselves to the same high level of standards.