Programs and Events

The primary student programming organization on campus, IMPACT, is advised by the assistant director of intercultural advancement and student programs. IMPACT is composed of students who work in consultation with the advisor to sponsor a variety of campus programs including late night activities, student Homecoming festivities, trips to major cities, live bands, movies, and other events throughout the academic year. Cultural events, a regular part of the campus calendar, provide an opportunity for students to broaden their cultural experience and awareness. Nationally known lecturers, scholars, artists, authors, and performers appear regularly on campus. These events are sponsored by many offices and organizations on campus.

Students are encouraged to participate in out-of-class activities but are urged to do so with thoughtful planning and wise management of personal schedules.

Inquiries about programs and organizations (whom to see, how to join, meeting times, and the like) may be directed to the IMPACT advisor at 610 625-7884.