Risk Management and Registered Social Functions

On-campus social events in Greek houses where alcohol may be present* must be registered and approved by the Office of Greek Life within the Student Affairs Office. The completed registration form must be submitted with all appropriate signatures by 4:00 p.m. on the Thursday afternoon preceding the event.

Information regarding campus social functions is available here.

Hours of Events

Social events may be registered on Friday and Saturday evenings and shall conclude no later than 2:00 a.m. At this time, all guests must depart, but non-resident members of the host organization may be permitted to remain at the location. Music, noise, and distribution of beverages must conclude at this time.

Size of Events

Open parties are prohibited. Each fraternity must create a guest list and indicate on the registration form the number of individuals invited, as well as the method for inviting guests to the event. Only those guests invited by the organization are to be present at the social event. Security monitors must have each guest sign the guest list upon arrival. The guest list will be collected by Campus Safety and Police at the end of the event and submitted to Student Affairs.

Supplying of Alcoholic Beverages

Purchase of alcohol with organizational dues is prohibited. Those of legal age, and who choose to consume, may bring their own alcohol to the event as long as they do so in a manner consistent with the guidelines. The organization is responsible for monitoring compliance with College policy.

Financial Consideration

Money may not be collected from guests upon arrival, at the bar, or for any other reason. Donations may not be collected from guests. Cups cannot be sold, entry fees assessed, charges made for wristbands, or any other transaction of money conducted.

Specifications of BYOB Practice

Beer and wine coolers in 12-ounce cans are the only alcoholic beverages permitted. It is strongly recommended that organizations establish one or two brands which can be brought into the event to simplify the distribution process.

Each attendee of legal age may bring no more than a sixpack of beer or wine coolers to the event. The host organization is responsible for supplying non-alcoholic beverages and food, at no cost to guests, in a quantity appropriate to the number of guests present.

Upon arrival, guests of age who brought beverages should give the items to the bartender who will place them in a refrigerator or cooler. Guests who brought beverages may obtain one beverage at a time. No quantities of beer shall be stored in common areas of Greek houses. All alcohol must be stored in the room of the owner of such alcohol.


Campus Safety and Police will check events approximately 10-15 minutes prior to the event and at the conclusion of the event, as well as make at least one routine stop during the event. Upon arrival, Campus Safety and Police may ask to speak with the chapter leadership. They will check to ensure that:

  • the door is monitored
  • a guest list is maintained
  • an effective process for checking IDs is in place
  • those of age are marked in an appropriate manner (i.e. wristbands)
  • snack items and non-alcoholic beverages other than water are present and available
  • an adequate system of ensuring all college regulations are followed is in place

If there is a problem at the event, which can include non-conformity to the conditions listed above, Campus Safety and Police may close the event. If possible, Campus Safety may explain the concern with the chapter leadership, and if the leadership is cooperative and complies immediately, the event may remain open.

At the end of the event, Campus Safety and Police will collect the guest list to submit to Student Affairs and check to ensure that the organization was in compliance with event hosting expectations.

*Note: National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) policy dictates that NPC sororities are not permitted to possess alcohol in sorority houses at any time. Therefore, social events with alcohol are not permitted in any Moravian sorority houses.