Fundraisers may be sponsored only by Moravian College recognized clubs, organizations, and offices. They must be approved by the director of the HUB and event management. Forms are available at the HUB Desk or on AMOS and should be submitted at least one week before the event.

The following guidelines apply:

Raffles: Proposals must be submitted in writing to the director of the HUB and event management at least one week prior to the anticipated date of advertising or sale of tickets. Raffles may be used to raise funds for the organization itself, or proceeds may be contributed to a legitimate tax-exempt charitable organization. The raffle ticket must indicate the beneficiary of the sale; if more than one beneficiary is intended, the percentage of proceeds for each must be itemized. Advisors, coaches, and sponsors are ineligible for any prizes associated with a raffle sponsored by their organization or team. Members of the organization and their families, however, are eligible for prizes, and the raffle tickets must state this clearly. The drawing must be conducted in a public setting and implemented within an atmosphere of fairness. Prizes must be confined to specific items or gift certificates. Cash prizes will be approved only in special circumstances. Prizes involving any form of alcoholic beverages are not permitted.

Sale of items: All outside vendors must be sponsored by a recognized club, organization or office to be on campus. The activity must be approved and registered at least one week in advance by the director of the HUB and event management. No individual sales or fundraisers are permitted on campus unless prior approval is granted by the HUB director. Outside vendors are charged $25 a day to be on campus. It is suggested that the campus sponsor receive 20% of the gross sales. There is no assessment for fundraisers. All proceeds go to the cause of the fundraiser.

Sales within residence halls must be approved in advance by the director of housing. Door-to-door sales are not permitted. Sales in academic or administrative buildings must be restricted to individual contacts and may not involve any form of sales table or other site.

Sales at special events are not limited to a single group. For an event for which multiple groups or purposes have been approved, items sold by the individual groups must be of a non-competing nature.