Policies and Procedures Regarding Room Furnishings and Personalization

Regulations concerning room furnishings and personalization have been established to insure personal safety and guard against damage to College property and facilities. Regulations pertain to all College-operated housing, regardless of campus location.

Room Furnishings

The College provides a complete basic set of furnishings for each student. Students may employ additional furnishings and decorations, provided there is adequate space available, items fall within the guidelines for room personalization, and damage to College property does not result. All such additional furnishings must be removed (i.e., taken home or discarded) at the end of the academic year or upon withdrawal from the College or room assignment change.

College-supplied furniture or personally-owned upholstered furniture may not be taken outdoors. Any furniture (other than outdoor furniture) found outdoors will either be returned to its assigned location or discarded by the Facilities Office with appropriate billing for labor, haulage, and replacement.

Except for certain specified items, College furnishings are not to be removed from individual rooms and stored. Requests for furniture removal are restricted to those items specified as removable in the Furniture Removal Form available on AMOS. Residents desiring to have an item removed should complete and submit the Furniture Removal Form. Any item awaiting removal must be retained in the student's room until it is picked up.


Lofts designed and constructed by student-occupants using their own materials are not permitted in any location on campus. Furniture within most of the College's living facilities can be lofted or bunked. Written instructions and mounting pins are available from Facilities or AMOS.

Room Decorations and Personalization

The College encourages the personalization of individual rooms, provided that the changes do not damage the room surfaces or furnishings or present hazards to the safety or security of other residents. Any unauthorized alteration of a room (e.g., wall or ceiling painting) will result in the levy of a damage charge as well as cleaning charges to return the space to its original condition. Occupants are responsible for the condition and cleanliness of all College or personal property within their rooms, as well as the general areas associated with their living space and its immediate outside areas. A $150 security deposit is required of each resident to cover unassigned damage. The balance remaining in a student's security account, if any, will be returned upon departure from the residence halls. The following are some guidelines associated with personalizing rooms:

  • Students are not permitted to paint individual rooms.
  • Pictures and posters may be attached to wall surfaces if hung in a way that will not result in damage when the item is removed from the wall. Transparent tape and duct tape cause damage to wall surfaces, as do tacks and nails.

The following are not permitted:

  • Halogen lamps or lights.
  • Lava lamps.
  • Black lights.
  • Overly flammable decorating materials or fabric hangings.
  • Room air conditioners.
  • Candles or other open-flame devices, lighted or unlighted.
  • Incense and incense burners.
  • Hookahs (cannot be used inside campus buildings)
  • Space heaters and other heat-producing appliances such as hotplates, toaster ovens, immersion coils, frying pans, and the like.
  • Weights and other exercise equipment that may damage floor surfaces.
  • Water beds or portable wading or swimming pools.
  • Horseshoe pits other than those provided by the College.
  • Pets, other than non-carnivorous fish, for health, comfort, and sanitation reasons. Working dogs that provide services and assistance for medical or physical reasons are permitted by request. Feeding of stray or wild animals is discouraged.
  • Dartboards.
  • Grills inside buildings and on porches or within 10 feet of any building. Grills must be stored in locations that are safe and out of the way of pedestrian traffic.
  • Dangerous materials such as firearms, fireworks, portable fire pits, chemicals, explosives, or potentially lethal weapons including martial arts materials.

Refrigerators are permitted only if they are small, low-wattage models not exceeding 3 cubic feet in capacity. Other small appliances such as microwave ovens, radios, stereos, tape decks, clocks, shavers, hair dryers, and televisions are allowed. The College reserves the right, however, to restrict or curtail the use of specific appliances as circumstances and safety issues warrant.

Air flow from air conditioning and heating vents must not be restricted. Equipment can overheat if there is insufficient space (less than 2 feet) for air movement. Students are responsible for ensuring that vents are not blocked and that the units are accessible for periodic maintenance. Fines or repair charges may result from failure to comply with this safety regulation.

All personal items must be removed at the end of an academic year or when the student moves out of the hall. Items left in rooms or common areas will be deemed abandoned and will be discarded, and the owner will be assessed any disposal charges. Refrigerators, air conditioners, and other items containing Freon refrigerants will be assessed an additional charge to cover Freon-removal fees, as stipulated by federal regulations. These should never be discarded in the trash.


No private property may be left in the residence units over the summer. For routine storage in the summer, individuals may contract with a local storage company to provide storage service for a fee paid by the student. Items left after checkout deadlines will be deemed to have been abandoned and will be disposed of by the College.


Requests for repairs may be made online at the iService Desk, directed to the SRA, RA, CA, or HR of the unit, or directly to Facilities, 610 861-1550. Emergency repairs during weekend or evening hours may be reported to Campus Safety and Police at 610 861-1421. Repairs resulting from normal wear and tear will be effected without charge. Repairs resulting from excessive wear and tear will be billed in an amount reflecting material and labor costs. Repair needs requiring same-day service for safety reasons should be called in by 11:00 a.m. Repairs must be conducted by the Facilities Office. Occupants are prohibited from making any repairs without proper authorization.

Except in emergency situations, repairs and maintenance in individual rooms will not be scheduled before 10:00 a.m. All entries into student rooms by Facilities personnel will be documented by a note left on the room door indicating the reason, time, and person(s) entering the room.