Damage Policies

The College expects all members of the community and their guests to respect the physical facilities of the institution. Repairs necessitated by normal wear and tear will be undertaken without charge. Repairs necessary because of inappropriate behavior or improper use of facilities will be billed to those responsible. If the responsible person cannot be identified, repair charges will be pro-rated to all students living on that floor or using that general area.

Policies relating to damage caused by students are formulated jointly by the Office of Student Affairs and the Facilities Office, and are subject to review through normal institutional channels. They apply to all institutional residence facilities and include the following:

  • Lack of respect for institutional property is unacceptable and will result in an assessment covering the cost of repair (materials and labor) based on a fair estimate of standard costs for such repairs. A table of such charges is available for inspection at the Facilities Office. Repair charges include a reasonable allowance for normal wear and tear. When cleanup associated with damage is required, an additional charge for custodial labor will be assessed.
  • Every effort will be made to determine those responsible for specific damage. If such determination can be made, the responsible persons will be billed for the damage and may be subject to disciplinary action. When those responsible for damage cannot be identified, charges will be assessed to all residents of the floor or unit. Determination of how the charge will be pro-rated will be based on location of damage and general accessibility or function of the area. For Greek houses, there is an option to pro-rate unassigned damage charges to all residents of the house or to all members of the organization, with the house manager making this decision.
  • Any damage charge is subject to appeal. Appeals must be submitted in writing within 30 days of receipt of the initial bill and should be directed to the Facilities Office. The decision will be communicated to the appellant. Failure to pay an assessed damage charge will be grounds for the College to withhold grade reports and official transcripts until the obligation is cleared.
  • If there is clear indication that a location was entered by force and that the occupants could not have prevented the damage or loss, repair charges will not be assessed. Nor will charges be assessed for damage or loss that occurs during vacation periods, when students are not in residence. However, if a particular group (e.g., an athletic team) is in residence during that period, the group can be billed for the assessed charges.

Damage charges will be billed by one of two methods:

Individual Damage Invoice. Upon arrival, each resident will be required to verify a room/area inventory sheet indicating the condition of the space at the time of occupancy. This inventory will have been prepared by a staff person in charge of that area or other representative of the Office of Student Affairs, and it will be checked and co-signed by the staff person in charge of the area.

Residents are responsible for any damage done in the areas assigned and will be billed for repairs needed beyond normal wear and tear. When the perpetrator of specific damage can be identified, charges will be billed to that person or persons. Those responsible may be assessed fines and possible disciplinary and/or legal action. Explanations of these procedures are found in this handbook. When damage occurs in a public area of a residence hall, it will be billed to the persons responsible; but if responsibility cannot be determined, charges and penalties will be assigned to all students who live in that area.

Students are to pay damage charges to the Business Office upon receipt. Each resident is expected to cooperate fully with residence-hall staff and Campus Safety and Police in identifying those responsible for damage in the halls.

Common Damage Invoice. The Facilities Office, in cooperation with the offices of Campus Safety and Police and Student Affairs, will make every effort to identify those responsible for damage or loss. When those responsible for damage cannot be identified, charges will be assigned to all residents within the area of the building, complex, or wing, or each member of an organization or a group.

Special Notice Regarding Fire and Safety Equipment

Anyone responsible for tampering with or theft of any College-owned fire equipment or other safety equipment will be subject to a fine plus the cost of any damage relating to the equipment. The fine for discharging a fire extinguisher without cause or for turning in a false alarm is $200 for the first offense. The total of the fine and damages will be imposed on the responsible individual(s) or pro-rated to a designated living unit if no individual is identified.

Community telephones help maintain the safety and security of campus residence facilities. Those who damage community telephones will be fined and charged for repairs. If the responsible person(s) cannot be identified, all residents of the floor or area will be held accountable.

Assessment of any fine directed to a floor or unit will be communicated by Campus Safety and Police to the associate director of residence life for housing, who will notify the floor or unit through residence-hall staff assigned to that area. A safety-equipment fine directed at an individual or pair of roommates will be made only after the affected students have been made aware of the financial penalty and have been provided with an opportunity to respond to the allegation.

Additional information concerning policies on abuse of fire and safety equipment may be obtained through Campus Safety and Police.