Additional Residence Hall Policies

In order to maintain acceptable living conditions within the College's residence areas, various regulations and behavioral expectations have been established for group-living situations. These regulations pertain to all living areas operated by the institution and are to be followed by all residents and their guests. While major policy areas are outlined in the Community Standards elsewhere in this handbook, additional residence-hall policies appear below.


Smoking is not permitted within any College building, including all residence facilities.

Pet Policy

Pets, other than non-carnivorous fish, are not permitted for health, comfort, and sanitation reasons. Service animals that provide services and assistance for medical or physical reasons are permitted by request. Feeding of stray or wild animals is discouraged.

Quiet Hours

Because of the College's commitment to academic excellence and concern for individual rights, a minimum quiet-hour policy has been established for all residence halls. These hours are Sundays through Thursdays, beginning at 10:00 p.m. and running until 8:00 a.m., and Fridays and Saturdays, beginning at midnight and running until 10:00 a.m. As with other policies, each residence unit has the prerogative of establishing a more (but not less) restrictive set of quiet hours. During final-exam periods, 24-hour quiet hours are in effect. During quiet-hour periods, noise generated within a room or in the hallway is to be kept at such a level that adjacent rooms are not affected by it. Requests to lower the volume of an existing noise source are to be acted on immediately and with courtesy.

At periods other than quiet hours, noise is to be kept at a reasonable level. Residents are always expected to be responsive to requests for quiet from floormates.

Responsibility for quiet hours is shared: All residents are responsible for their own reasonable conduct and for letting others know when they are infringing on the right to a quiet living environment. Infractions may result in fines or other disciplinary actions. Consistent failure to observe quiet hours or to be responsive to the needs of others may result in removal from the floor or from the residence complex.


As members of the Moravian College community, students have the privilege of entertaining visitors within the residence facilities of the institution. To respect the privacy of other residents, including roommates, visitors are expected to vacate hall floors between the hours of 2:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. Mondays through Fridays. Beginning at 10:00 a.m. on Friday and ending at 2:00 a.m. on Mondays, 24-hour visitation is permitted, provided the express consent of the roommate has been received in advance.

Individual pairs of roommates have the option of decreasing, but not extending, stated visitation hours. All residents of the floor are expected to follow the visitation policy and respect any additional regulations developed in the floor contract. Abuse of the policy will result in banning the visitor from the floor for a period of time and both visitor and host being subject to disciplinary sanctions.

An integral part of the roommate contract is the issue of visitation. It is expected that residents will not encroach on their roommates' rights by violating the roommate contract or abusing the visitor privilege.

Guests from off campus are the responsibility of the Moravian host. A resident who intends to have an overnight guest must secure the permission of the affected roommate(s) in advance of the visitor's arrival. If the guest has a vehicle, the vehicle must be registered with the Department of Campus Safety and Police.

Visitation on the Moravian campus is a privilege, not a right. Thus the College reserves the right via the vice president for student affairs/dean of students to cancel the privilege if it is abused. Enforcement of the visitation policy is the responsibility of all residents of a unit.

Residence Hall Restrooms

Visitors to a floor (of the opposite gender) are not permitted to use the bathroom facilities on that floor; they should utilize a public restroom which is available in every residence hall.


Bonfires and open pit burning are not permitted on campus.

Social Functions

All social functions held within the residence halls must follow residence-hall policies, as well as College regulations and state law. Attendance at social functions in apartments/suites may not exceed two times the unit’s occupancy plus one. For example, an eight-person unit may host a social function with no more than seventeen individuals present at any given time. Those of legal drinking age may possess and consume alcohol in accordance with the institution's policy on alcoholic beverages. Proper behavior and respect for individual rights are expected at all times. Those who do not act appropriately should be instructed to leave the function by the residents of the unit. Information regarding procedures and expectations for social functions in fraternity and sorority houses can be received by contacting the assistant dean for residence life, Greek life, and first year programs.


To protect residents from unreliable and illegal solicitors, no outside soliciting is permitted in residence halls. Under no circumstances may a business representative contact students in their rooms regarding business matters. Anyone soliciting or attempting to conduct business in the residence halls should be reported to a residence-life staff member, the Office of Student Affairs, or Campus Safety and Police. Selling in the halls by Moravian students or student organizations must be approved by the assistant dean for residence life, Greek life, and first year programs.