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Moravian College
Academic & Accessibility Support Center

About Us

The Academic & Accessibility Support Center is committed to helping all students achieve academic success. Individual appointments are available for students who would like to improve their academic performance. 

~Receive 1:1 HELP with the following:

  • Managing your reading load
  • Improving your study skills  
  • Developing time management and organization skills
  • Learning test-taking and test prep techniques
  • Writing essays that communicate your ideas effectively
  • Taking good lecture notes 
  • Identify your Personal Learning Style
  • Managing your ADD/ADHD

~Receive confidential support and classroom accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADAAA, 2008) for documented disabilities.  Contact 610-861-1401 for additional information.

~Greyhound Tutoring Program:  Greyhound Tutoring supports the academic success of Moravian students primarily through trained peer tutors who work 1-on-1 and in small-groups with students who need help completing homework, preparing for exams, understanding concepts, and organizing their time. Once connected, students and their tutors coordinate a mutually convenient time and location to meet. Greyhound Tutoring also provides regular evening drop-in hours for specific subjects throughout the week, and students are encouraged to attend these tutor sessions as often as possible.  

~Report an extended absence of more than 2 class days for illness, injury, death of an immediate family member, or unavoidable emergencies.  

~Ask about referrals to other campus support services

~Find a listening ear.