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Academic Support

Disclosure Process:

Typically the accommodation process starts when a student contacts the Accessibility Service Center (ASC) to self-identify a disability and makes a request for a disability-related accommodation. ASC staff utilize an interactive review process to determine necessary accommodations. Students are required to follow ASC’s procedures for requesting and maintaining accommodations as outlined below. 

Students with disabilities who are requesting accommodations at Moravian College must provide the appropriate documentation.  

  • Disclose a disability to the ASC.
  • Share documentation guidelines with your documentation provider.
  • Complete the Disclose a Disability/Request Accommodations Form.
  • Submit the documentation and completed Disclose a Disability/Request Accommodations Form via our secure portal or by fax to (610) 625-7877.
  • Once the materials have been submitted, allow at least two weeks for the director of accessibility services to review the materials. Allow additional time during times when the campus may be closed for holidays, as well as during the summer months.
  • The staff will contact the student via email or phone to schedule an appointment with the director for an interview.
  • Meet with the director to discuss the materials submitted and your needs.
  • Sign permission to notify professors, housing, dining services, etc. of approved accommodations.
  • Accommodations will be sent to your professors through the campus notification system called Momentum.
  • Meet with your professor(s) to discuss your accommodations.
  • Communicate with all relevant instructors at least two weeks prior to implementation in order to make arrangements for accommodations
  • For testing accommodations, alternative media, and note takers, complete the forms on AMOS to request services.
  • After the initial semester of disclosure, provide permission for each subsequent semester for the ASC to contact your instructors as to your reasonable accommodations.
  • Contact the ASC immediately if your accommodations are not meeting your needs or if you require additional accommodations.

Please note:  Having accommodations in a course which were determined solely by the professor are not recognized as approved accommodations from the ASC. Accommodations are not generally retroactive.