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A group of six students smiling sitting outside at a table with laptops and books.
Academic Support

    Requesting a Tutor:

    Please review our policies and the Drop-In Group Schedule (posted here and in AMOS) before requesting tutoring support.

    1. While logged into your Moravian College Gmail/Google account, complete this short tutoring request form. Please provide as much flexibility in your schedule as reasonably possible. Use one form, even if you are requesting multiple classes.
    2. Usually within 24 hours during the work week (Monday-Friday), you will receive a response to your request and be matched with a tutor who can support you in the class requested and has a schedule that will allow you to connect.
    3. You and your tutor plan a time and place to meet; tutors are required to connect with tutees within two days of being matched.  Tutors fill out reports on sessions and clock their hours as student employees.

    Some things to note: 

    • Tutoring and peer-assisted learning of any kind is not a substitute for attending class or using faculty office hours.
    • Requested tutoring will not always be one-on-one; tutors are encouraged to form small study groups as they are matched with tutees in the same course and with similar schedules.
    • Requested tutoring is limited to once per week per course for all students.
    • Students will generally be placed with tutors for the length of the term unless a change is needed for schedule or other reasons.