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Beyond The Classroom

At Moravian College, learning doesn't just happen behind a desk. We want you on your feet putting theory into practice, getting a 360-degree liberal arts experience that will serve you in the workplace, in your community, and beyond.

Internships For Credit

Internships are carefully monitored work or volunteer experiences where an individual has intentional learning goals and reflects actively on what he or she is learning throughout the experience.  It is temporary work that provides on-the-job training and practical experience.  Internships usually last one semester but can be longer or shorter. Click here to see where our students are interning.

Civic Engagement

Our robust civic engagement opportunities aim to develop leaders in service to the common good. This active citizenship instills a strong connection to civic engagement as it applies to academic disciplines, the community, and the campus. Opportunities like 1742 Experience, alternative break service trips, and many volunteer experiences contribute to the 360-degree liberal arts experience.

Peace Corp Preparation Program

Moravian College students have a long history of Peace Corps service, and we are proud to offer a cooperative agreement between Moravian College and the Peace Corps. The Moravian College Peace Corps Preparation Program (PCPP) is designed to help students acquire the knowledge, skills and experience needed to serve in the Peace Corps. Click here to learn more.

Global Programs and Initiatives

Students majoring in any subject can go abroad for a May term, summer, semester, or for the year. Spending a semester or year abroad through an exchange program is a rewarding and affordable option for many students. Students are nominated by their home institution and have the opportunity to DiscoverEngage, and Learn at a partner institution. Click here to learn more.

Emerging Leaders Scholarship Program

Each year, select incoming freshmen are invited to apply for an Emerging Leaders Scholarship. The students who receive the competitive scholarship take part in a seminar experience during the fall semesters of the freshman and sophomore years. The foci of the seminar are (a) to learn about topics in leadership for the common good, (b) to participate in out-of-class sessions with faculty and students, and (3) to engage in group service projects. During the sophomore year, the Emerging Leaders take on a mentoring role for the first year Emerging Leaders. Emerging Leaders also receive priority consideration for the LeaderShape Institute.

Questions about the Emerging Leaders program should be directed to Dr. Michelle Schmidt at