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Moravian College


As part of the first-year student experience, all students take a course called the First-Year Writing Seminar, participate in a summer reading program, and join in a three-day long orientation weekend. Orientation weekend includes settling into residence, training on the college’s IT network, service learning programs, advising sessions, and hear a lecture by the author of the summer reading. (The summer reading is announced at May registration.) To allow students to achieve a consistent level of computer literacy as soon as possible, a combination of workshops and computer-assisted instruction is available to all incoming students. First-year students also take a writing course in order to participate more successfully in all their college classes.

First Year Seminar

LinC 101. First-Year Writing Seminar. The First-Year Seminar (FYS) program at Moravian College builds and sustains a vibrant campus-based educational community committed to the success of first-year college students. FYS courses engage students in critical and creative reading and writing, thinking and speaking, through topics drawn from the instructors’ disciplines. The seminars allow students to work closely with faculty on engaging topics while they practice the processes necessary to academic success and learn values that sustain a community of learners. Seminars will refine the students’ skills in critical and creative reading and thinking, discussion, and writing. Sample themes for the FYS include poverty, introduction to history, sustainability, drugs and society, and introduction to peace and justice studies. These courses are capped at 18 students. The course instructor serves as the students' advisor throughout the first year, or until the student declare a major. All first-year students take the FYS in the fall of their first year. Two FYS sections each year are organized as living-learning communities, with the students living together in suites in the HILL. These students have additional co-curricular activities scattered throughout the year on the topic of their FYS.

Writing across the Curriculum

(normally, sophomores and above)

Offered in multiple seminar sections, the writing course teaches students how to assess their college writing projects in order to choose appropriate rhetorical and research strategies and to employ them effectively. Students become adept as well in technologies used for research and writing. Instruction in oral communication skills is also part of the first-year seminar classes.