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Over a student’s four years of study, Moravian’s general education curriculum requires courses in a variety of liberal arts disciplines, including foreign language, quantitative reasoning, laboratory science, Western history, literature, economic and social systems, cultural values and global issues, aesthetic expression, and Western religious and philosophical traditions. All first-year college students enroll in the First-Year Writing Seminar (FYS), which is both a freshman college writing seminar organized around a topic of the instructor’s choosing and the students’ first-year advising group. Sample topics for the FYS include “A Hero’s Journey,” “What’s News,” “Poverty in a Global Context,” “21st-Century Environmentalism,” and “Transitions from Youth.” Juniors and seniors complete at least one upper division requirement in the categories of the social impact of science and the moral life. Many of these academic courses are designed as multidisciplinary—that is, drawing from all the academic disciplines of the liberal arts.

A summary of requirements is as follows for all students in the bachelor of arts and bachelor of science degree programs:

  • F1   First-Year Writing Seminar
  • F2   Quantitative Reasoning
  • F3   Foreign Language (0-2 terms required, depending on proficiency level)
  • F4   Laboratory Science

Choose 6 of 8 from among the following, which must include at least one U course: 

  • M1   Historical Studies
  • M2   Literature
  • M3   Ultimate Questions
  • M4   Economic, Social, and Political Systems
  • M5   Cultural Values and Global Issues
  • M6   Aesthetic Expression
  • U1   Social Impact of Science (juniors and seniors only)
  • U2   The Moral Life (juniors and seniors only)