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Internship Spotlight: Karlee Corvasce '15

Intern: Karlee Corvasce ’15
Alumnus: Ashley Heiberger ’00
Employer: Bethlehem Police Department

Ashley Heiberger ’00 came to Moravian University as an adult learning, graduating in 2000 with a bachelor’s in sociology in the criminal justice track. By that time, he was already working as a police officer for the past four years. Fifteen years later, Heiberger is a Captain and the Professional Standards Division Commander for Bethlehem Police Department while giving back to his alma mater in two ways: as an adjunct in the criminal justice track at the University, and by providing internships to criminal justice majors at the University.

His office is overflowing with intern applications each semester, but Hounds are quick to stand out from the bunch. “We’ve always been impressed with the intelligence and performance we get from Moravian University students,” he says. His relationship with the University serves as an example of the importance of networking for his interns.

Interns at the police department are exposed to as many aspects of the job as possible—including observing emergency response and crisis negotiation teams and even going on ridealongs with patrol officers. “The real world is about relationships, and we try to instill upon them the importance of cultivating professional relationship sand building a positive reputation in your field,” Heiberger says.

Heiberger believes in the importance of a liberal arts education in relation to criminal justice. He believes his career is that much stronger thanks to his time at Moravian University, and thinks nothing of giving back. “I recognize the opportunities that Moravian provided for me, so I feel a happy obligation to this institution,” he says. “This is just one way I can pay it back."