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Honors Program

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Independent study and Honors research programs allow students to delve deeply into areas of personal interest. Such programs also give students the chance to work closely on research projects with senior faculty members—an unusual opportunity at the undergraduate level. Some independent study and Honors students have been awarded scholarships and fellowships—including Woodrow Wilson, Goldwater, and Mellon fellowships and Fulbright scholarships—to continue their academic and professional work.

Below is a partial list of recent Honors recipients and details of their projects. For a complete list of past Honors projects please visit 

Student Name Title Advisor(s) Area
Alyssa Alessandra Exploring the Perceptions and Knowledge of Immunizations in an Adult Population Beth Gotwals Nursing
Zachary Arcona Exploring Predictors of the Mental Readiness and Recovery from Injury Robert Brill Psychology
John Barr Following Folding Transitions with Capillary Electrophoresis and Ion Mobility Spectrometry Alison Holliday / Nathan Shank Chemistry / Mathematics
Taylor Blake Nucleotide Content Effect on the DNA-Binding of Dirhodium Compounds Shari Dunham / Stephen Dunham Biochemistry
Adam Buzzard The k-Neighbor Component Connectivity of a Graph Nathan Shank Mathematics
William Christman Practices of Masculinity in Germany, 1918-1934 Heikki Lempa History
Andrea Giardina Ending the Plight of the Elephant: A Human-Animal Interaction Frank Kuserk Environmental Science
Emily Hanes Non-pharmacological Management of Critically Ill Delirious Patients: Contrasting Current and Best Practice Elise Colancecco Nursing
Brett Harder An Exploration of Lie Algebras and Kostant's Weight Mulitplicity Formula Shannon Talbott Mathematics
Shane Harder Upper Bounds on the Birank Number of G3,n Michael Fraboni Mathematics
Natalie Herb Courtship Behaviors of Adult Bang-sensitive Drosophila melanogaster Males Christopher Jones Biology
Paige Malewski A Paleopathological Analysis of the Effects of Urbanization and Industrialization on Public Health in Medieval and Post-Medieval England (1100-1900) Sandy Bardsley / Diane Husic Paleopathology
Emily Marchello The Landscape Paintings of Gustavus Grunewald: the Role of Romantic Nationalism in Documenting Historic Bethlehem Kristin Baxter Art History
Laura McBride Analysis of Zinc Contamination in Plants in the Remediation Area of the Lehigh Gap Wildlife Refuge Diane Husic Chemistry / Environmental Science
Perry Mindo Obamacare, and the Fight Against Income Inequality Sabrina Terrizzi Economics
Monick Perone Phenomenology of Gender: Deconstructing the Binary Arash Naraghi / Leon Niemoczynski Philosophy
Peter Petrack Writing the Brethren's Voice: A Composition for Trombone Quartet and Wind Ensemble Based on Four Moravian Hymns and a Study of the Musical Culture and Hymnody of the Early Moravians Larry Lipkis Music
Kaitlin Raseley Mapping a Bang-sensitive Gene in Drosophila melanogaster While Analyzing the Impact of Nicotine on the Survival of Bang-sensitive Flies Christopher Jones Biology
Alexandrea Sestok The Heat of Reaction of Luminol: Energy Flow in a Chemiluminescent Reaction Carl Salter Chemistry

Student Name Title Advisor(s) Area
Kyle Apgar The Political Discourse of the Sonnet: Amorous Language in the Public Sphere Nicole Tabor English
Caroline Bartulovich Characterization of Two Orientational Isomers of a DNA-binding Dirhodium Compound Shari U. Dunham / Stephen U. Dunham Chemistry
Kelly Carman A Qualitative Descriptive Study: Exploring Patients’ Perceptions about Quality of Life Pre-Post Weight Loss Surgery Karen Groller Nursing
Alexis Cowan In vivo Oxidative Effects of Gold Nanoparticles in Drosophila melanogaster Christopher Jones Biology
Kyle Davies Red Scare Fear: The Hollywood Ten and the 1947 House Un-American Activities Committee Investigation Jane Berger History
Dana Fineman Seed Preference in CFW Swiss Webster Lab Mice Frank Kuserk Environmental Science
Adam Ghoweri Intranasal Administration of DNSP-11 in a Chronic 6-Hydroxydopamine Model of Parkinson's Disease Cecilia Fox Neuroscience
Colleen A. Hait Understanding the Mechanics of the Ceramics Studio using Teacher Action Research Kristin Baxter Art
Elias Hasenecz Mineralization of Basic Copper Sulfates: A Study of Sulfate Inclusion and Compound Identification Carl Salter Chemistry
Taylor Holly Investigating the Relationship between Temperature Control, Glucose Control, Prophylactic Antibiotic Administration, and Skin Preparation, and Surgical Site Infections in Surgical Patients Janice Farber Nursing
Caitlin Hyland Retention of Olfactory Memory through Metamorphosis in Drosophila melanogaster Christopher Jones Biology
Emily Lambright Willingness to Pay for Arsenic-Safe Water in Rural Bangladesh: A Contingent Valuation Model Sonia Aziz Economics
Elizabeth Mack Kinematics of Prey Capture and Swallowing in Sand Boas: Balancing Conflicting Functional Demands Frances Irish Biology
Michael McAndrew The Composition and Analysis of My Clarinet Concerto, Visions Unbroken, and a Study of Twelve Other Clarinet Concerti Larry Lipkis Music
Nicholas Mengucci Postoperative Registered Nurses' Knowledge Regarding Postoperative Delirium Donna Keeler Nursing
Patrick Perone Leveraged Buyouts and the Public Exit Strategy Eva Marikova Leeds Economics
Carolyn Rauch Examination of the Relationship Between the Length of Neonatal Hospitalization and the Perceived Level of Parental Stress Taylor Grube / Susan Scholtz Nursing
Sean Rossiter Synthesis of a Novel Azulene-Based Metallochromatic Indicator Carl Salter Chemistry
Kathleen Sicinski DNA Unwinding by Cytotoxic Dirhodium Compounds Shari U. Dunham / Stephen U. Dunham Biochemistry
David Siepietowski Investigating Visual Learning and Memory in Drosophila melanogaster using Color Association Christopher Jones Biology
Ghazal Stity Characterization of a Novel Bang-Sensitive Gene in Drosophila melanogaster Christopher Jones Biology
Alyssa Tallon Exploring the Interrelationship of the Two Domains Challenging Student-Athletes: Trends and Predictors of Academic-Athletic Effort and Success Robert Brill Psychology
David Yerger Exploration of the Phenotypic Search Space of Grammatical Evolution Kevin Hartshorn Mathematics

Student Name Title Advisor(s) Area
Shauna Amanda Abdouche Characterization of Small Molecule Inhibitors of Bacterial Virulence Protein Secretion Heather Felise Biology
Alicia Altemose Locking Conditions of Polygonal Chains in R3: A Model for Protein Chains Kevin Hartshorn Mathematics
Marissa Blose Revolutions in Twentieth Century American Poetry Joyce Hinnefeld English
Stephanie L. Christ A Potential Chemical Inhibitor of Bacterial Conjugation Systems Heather Felise Biology
Dayna Erdman-States A Descriptive Qualitative Study: Neonatal Intensive Care Nurses' Perception of Pain and the Efficacy of Pain Management in High Risk Neonates Susan Scholtz / Karen Groller Nursing
Daniel Ferman Maximizing Behavior: A Tripartite Model of Adaptation, Social Comparison, and Regret Stacey Zaremba Psychology
Michael Giacoumopoulos The Political Economy of Austerity: A Case Study in Greece Gary Olson Political Science
Aaron Harris How Political Marketers Target Voters: Do Campaigns Target Voters based on Information and Partisan Engagement Level? John Reynolds Political Science
Casey Hilferty Violence, Memory, and Women in the Civil Rights Movement Jane Berger / Robert Mayer History
Alex Huynh A Characterization of Proanthocyanidins in Cecropia: Implications in Herbivore Defense Tradeoffs John Bevington Biology
Rachel Johnson Native and Non-Native Leaf Decomposition in Urban and Rural Streams Frank Kuserk Environmental Science
Chelsea Mursch The Neuroprotective Potential of Combined Antioxidant Therapy in a 6-OHDA Rat Model of Parkinson's Disease Cecilia Fox Neuroscience
Nicole Oren Differences in Child, Parent, and Teacher Perceptions of Bullying and How These Attitudes Affect Behavior Michelle Schmidt Psychology
Mary Petrik The Formation of Mathematical Concepts in Semantic Memory: Does Explicit Integration Facilitate Transfer? Sarah Johnson Neuroscience
Anika K. Riaz Investigation of Visual Learning in Wild-type and Presenilin Mutant Drosophila melanogaster Larvae Christoper Jones Neuroscience
Elliot Ronaghan Targeting Accelerators using Chapel Matt Lang Computer Science
Rachel Ruisard Nationalistic Traits in French and English Music of the Hundred Years War Larry Lipkis Music
Laura Shearman Chronic Wounds and Quality of Life: Patient and RN Perceptions Beth Gotwals / Janice Farber Nursing
Kasey Smith Ojibway Environmental Ethics: A Model for Contemporary Ecology Bill Falla Philosophy
Mark A. Wunderly The Case for Test-Optional Policies in Pennsylvania Sabrina Terrizzi Economics
Kate S. Zien Optimal Currency Areas: The Euro Zone Experience James West / Eva Marikova Leeds Economics

Student Name Title Advisor(s) Area
Andrew Benson Birank Number of Operationally Constructed Graphs Michael Fraboni Mathematics
Marla Bianca The Impact of Heavy Metal Contamination on Plants at a Superfund Restoration Site Diane Husic Environmental Science
Takumi Bolte Optimizing Parallel Computer Vision Algorithms on the GPU using CUDA Matthew Lang Computer Science
Elise Bremer Images of Women in Late 19th Century French Painting Diane Radycki Art History
Caitlin N. Campbell The Barnegat Bay Explorer Program: A Journey in Environmental Education Program Development Diane Husic Environmental Communication
Frank Capobianco An Agent-Based Approach to Modeling Evacuation Simulations Matthew Lang Computer Science
Victoria Clark Attitudes toward Muslims as Seen Through the Cancioneros of 15th and 16th Century Spain Larry Lipkis Music
Jeremy Davidheiser Historicizing Middlemarch Martha Reid English
Jessica L Davies The Effect of Stress Management Interventions on Students' Grades, Moods, and Overall Stress Levels Robert Brill Psychology
Steve Delturk Poisonous Paragraphs: The Artists, Audiences, and Aesthetics of Hip-Hop Theresa Dougal English
Margaret DeOliveira Inequalities in Health Care Access Virginia O'Connell Sociology
Jacob Donchez Synthesis, Isolation, and Characterization of Novel Dirhodium Compounds Shari U. Dunham / Stephen U. Dunham Biochemistry
Nathaniel Ferraro Regression Analysis of Environmental Goods: Individual's Willingness to Pay for Phosphorus Remediation of Lakes in Minnesota Sonia Aziz Economics
Sasha Halasz Neuroprotective Properties of DNSP-11 in a TaClo Model of Parkinson's Disease Cecilia Fox Neuroscience
Meghan McLaughlin World War I English Poetry Joel Wingard English
Amanda Moreno-Bonilla What Do You See? Stereotypes and Female Representation in Spanish Cinema Claudia Mesa Spanish
Suzanne Moyer The Effects of Media on Public Perception and Agent of Mobilization Debra Wetcher-Hendricks Sociology
Anna SantaMaria Small Molecule Inhibitors of Type III Secretion Gene Expression in Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium Heather Felise Biology
Steven Scheirer Folding Three-Dimensional Paper Kevin Hartshorn Mathematics
Alexander Servin DNA Unwinding by Antitumor Active Dirhodium Compunds Shari U. Dunham / Stephen U. Dunham Biochemistry
Samantha Sheridan The Grieving Self: Dissolving the Gender Binary and Redefining Autonomy Khristina Haddad Political Science
Christopher H Skorton The Momentum Effect Anomaly: Implications to Market Efficiency, Modern Portfolio Theory, and Small Investors Eva Marikova Leeds Economics
Haley Skymba Emotional Memory in Aging and Alzheimer's Disease: Evidence from Implicit and Explicit Memory Systems Sarah Johnson Neuroscience
Rianne Stowell The effects of DNSP-11, a pro-peptide of GDNF, on the MPP+ rat model of Parkinson's disease Cecilia Fox Neuroscience
Anthony E. Sullivan Operations Research Modeling for Ranking Index Construction Kay Somers Mathematics
Melissa Zirkel Musik im Konzentrationslager: The Role of Orchestras and Musicians in Auschwitz-Birkenau and Sachsenhausen Axel Hildebrandt / Larry Lipkis Music / German

Student Name Title Advisor(s) Area
James Bellush Design of a Fluorescently Labeled DNA Probe for Metal-DNA Lesion Analysis Shari U. Dunham / Stephen U. Dunham Biochemistry
Alanah Anaise Cervantes Playbills & Programs: Computer Science Theory for Theatrical Production Practice Christopher Shorr / Matthew Lang Theatre / Computer Science
Armando Chapelliquen Huntington, Impact, and Occupy: The Makings of a New Global Paradigm Bernardo Cantens / Gary Olson Political Science / Philosophy
Miranda Cooper  Femme Savante or Leisure Painter: Translating the Text of Catherine Perrot Joanne McKeown / Diane Radycki French / Art History
Diana Feldmann Alterations in Stream Discharge Patterns in the Lehigh River Watershed Frank Kuserk Environmental Science
Shaz Gangji The Effect of Pheromones on EGR-1 Activation in GnRH-I Neurons in Male Rats Jennifer Swann Neuroscience
Rudolph Garbely The Cultural Impact of Failing Lehigh Valley Railroads, mid-1950's to April 1, 1976 James Paxton History
Samuel Grigsby The Place and Practice of Interculturality in Contemporary Ecuador Erica Yozell / Sandra Aguilar-Rodriguez Spanish
Rania Hanna Olfactory-Gustatory Associative Learning and Memory Differences Between Mutant Presenilin and Wild-type Drosophila melanogaster Larvae Christopher Jones Biology
Michelle Hanna Optimism and Twelve-Step Recovery from Sex and Love Addiction Stacey Zaremba Psychology
Zachery Kneeland The Symphonic Essay: An Experiment in Form Larry Lipkis Music
Nelson Knudsen Mass Spectrometry Analysis of DNA-binding of a Novel Dirhodium Compound Shari U. Dunham / Stephen U. Dunham Biochemistry
Timothy Layng Location of bang senseless, a Bang-Sensitive Gene, on the X Chromosome of Drosophila melanogaster Christopher Jones Biology
Dana Maroldi "The Necessity of Dying": Violence and the Destruction of Self in Othello and Oroonoko Martha Reid English
Anna Meola Using Ecological Monitoring and Citizen Science to Better Understand Climante Change in Easter Pennsylvania Diane Husic Biology
Rebekah Overdorf The Computational Complexity of Games Matthew Lang / Kevin Hartshorn Computer Science / Mathematics
Katherine Pritchett The Construction of Community in Turn-of-the Century Latin American Crónicas Erica Yozell Spanish
Zachariah Rivenbark The Early Revolutionaries of the Lehigh Valley, 1774-1777: The Committee and the Association James Paxton History
Melissa Straub Nurse Practitioner Management vs. Traditional Management of Pediatric Asthma on Specific Outcomes in the Primary Care Setting: A Comparative Study Michele August-Brady / Susan Scholtz Nursing
Jamie Thierolf Best Teaching Strategies for Spanish-Speaking English Language Learners Camie Modjadidi / Nilsa Lasso-Von Lang Education / Spanish
Andrew Watson  On the Unfoldability of Prisms Kevin Hartshorn Mathematics
Philip M. Weiser Development of a Low Temperature Raman Sampling Device Carl Salter Chemistry
Anna Whetstone Sex Differences in the Ability to Learn and Localize Sound in the Rat Model Stacey Zaremba / Sarah Johnson Neuroscience
Ren A. Wylder The Modern Concept of Time and How It Affects Our Understanding of Mystical Experiences   Religion

Student Name Title Advisor(s) Area
Stacy L. Boyer Setting the Mood for Acceptance: Exploring the Role of Emotions in Prejudice and Social Distancing Dana Dunn Psychology
Kate Brueningsen The Consciousness Aware of Itself: Gothic Doubling and the Dissolution of the Enlightenment Model of the Self George Diamond English
John Corbin The Dynamics of Mammal Populations Following Bioremediation Frank Kuserk Environmental Science
Karen L. Duld The Episcopal Controversy and the Struggle for Religious Freedom James Paxton History
Molly A. DuVall Heavy Metal Impact on Soil Microarthropod Populations Along the Blue Mountain in Eastern Pennsylvania Frank Kuserk Biology
Jason Ginther  An Implementation of Video Games as Computer Science Teaching Tools Matthew Lang Computer Science
Kelly Grab  "A Different Kind of Same Thing": The Continuity of Women's Issues in 20th Century American Drama as Analyzed in Trifles and Fefu and Her Friends Nicole Tabor English
Jessica S. Grochowski Physician Burnout: Structural Factors and Possible Solutions When Physicians Need Healing Virginia O'Connell Sociology
Rachel Gunderson  The Relationship of Specific Variables on Patients' Self-Reported Perceptions of Living with Heart Failure Michele August-Brady Nursing
Nicole Hadeed Dietary Selenium Protects Dopamine Levels and Improves Motor Behavior in the 6-Hydroxydopamine Rat Model of Parkinson's Disease Cecilia Fox Neuroscience
Sienna Mae Heath Speaking, Writing, and Typing: Human Voices of Communication John Black / William Falla English / Philosophy
Ruby Johnson  Faith and Feminism: Mormon Involvement in Equal Rights Politics, 1977-1982 Heikki Lempa History
Katherine Kercher The Prevalence, Isolation, and Confirmation of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) in Collegiate Athletic Facilities Frank Kuserk Biology
Rachel Kleiner  Family Violence in Ancient Near Eastern and Greek Mythology Heikki Lempa / Jason Radine History / Religion
Corey Koenig  Alumni Giving: Investigating the Relationship of Personality Attributes and Engagement in a Liberal Arts Environment Katie P. Desiderio / Michelle Schmidt Business Management
Tara Latteman  Herbivore defense in myrmecophytic and non-myrmecophytic species of Cecropia from the Peruvian Amazon John Bevington Biology
Lauren Lavelle Breast Cancer Culture: The Commercialization of Disease Virginia O'Connell Sociology
Jennifer E. Mead Effects of the Antibiotic Keflex on the Microbial Community in the Gastrointestinal Tract of Rats Frank Kuserk Biology
Ryan O'Donnell  The Effect of Multiple Bang-Sensitive Mutations on Drosophila melanogaster Christopher Jones Biology
Ekaterina Ponomareva  East German Privatization Process during the German Unification: Evaluating Economic and Social Impact of Treuhand Transactions Eva Marikova Leeds / Axel Hildebrandt Economics / German
John Reese  Interactions of butterfly bush (Buddleja davidii) and its insect herbivores in metal-contaminated successional areas at Lehigh Gap Nature Center Frank Kuserk Biology
Jaime Renninger  Investigating the impact of lansoprazole on cognitive deficits in a rat model of Alzheimer's disease Cecilia Fox Neuroscience
Michael B. Solomon II Using φC31 Integrase-Mediated Gene Targeting to Study Alzheimer's-Related Mutations in the Presenilin gene of Drosophilia melanogaster Christopher Jones Biology
Jacob H. Tazik Mapping of the bas Gene in Drosophila melanogaster Using Deletion Crosses, Duplication Crosses and Recombination Mapping Christopher Jones Biology
Michael Watson  Where is My Place? An Exploration of Home, Locale, and Niche in the World Through Memoir, Lyric Essay, and Poetry Joyce Hinnefeld English / Writing
Charles Welsko  We Have Come Father Abraham In Lieu of a Draft: The History of the 153rd Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment During the Civil War, 1862-1863 James Paxton History
Suzanne Yeager Voluntary Task Switching in an Emotional Multitask Environment Sarah Johnson / Matthew Lang Psychology / Computer Science

Student Name Title Advisor(s) Area
Alexander V. Agnor What Really Happened? Contemporary Role of Inhibitory Mechanisms in Susceptibility to Verbal and Visual Misinformation Sarah Johnson Psychology
Jessica Andersen Be This, Not That: The Battle for Frenchness Jean-Pierre Lalande / Gary Olson French / Political Science
Susan N. Bartos A Survey of Blood Glucose Levels in Peri-operative Patients with Diabetes Janice Farber Nursing
Matthew Bross Flow Profile of the Radial Hydraulic Jump Kelly Krieble Physics
Cynthia Dretel Christmas Behind Bars: Polish Szopki Written in Two Holocaust Concentration Camps Larry Lipkis Music
Jessica Freidly Classical Mythology in French Theatre Joanne McKeown French
Kaitlyn Lewis Ethical Consumption: The Unification of Fashion with Environmentalism and Social Consciousness Gary Kaskowitz Management
Alyssa Milano The Effects of Rapid Cold Hardening on Courtship in Drosophila melanogaster Christopher Jones Biology
Joseph J. Munley An Economic Evaluation of the Closer in Major League Baseball Peter von Allmen Economics
Anthony Pirrello The Determinants of Healthcare Expenditures for Dental Services and Prescription Products Peter von Allmen Economics
Leslie Pope Gratitude v. Expectation: An Examination of Customer Loyalty Programs Gary Kaskowitz Management
Hadia K. Riaz Gel Electrophoresis Analysis of DNA Adducts Formed by Anti-Tumor Active Dirhodium (II,II) Compounds Using SYBR® Gold Shari U. Dunham / Stephen U. Dunham Biochemistry
Colleen Siti The Construction and Validation of a Weight Concern Scale Lori Toedter Psychology
Benjamin Sofka Segregation of Granular Materials in a Viscous Medium Kelly Krieble Physics
Kensi Stauffer Healthy Sexuality: Developing a Sex Addiction Prevention Program for Teens Stacey Zaremba Psychology
Katherine I. Steinly A Tale of Two Walls: An Investigation of the Nation and the Other Kelly Denton-Borhaug / Axel Hildebrandt Religion / German
Marisa N. Vargo Family Ties in the Films of Pedro Almodóvar Claudia Mesa Spanish
Nathania Young Mozart's Soubrettes: The True Heroines of Comic Opera Larry Lipkis Music

Student Name Title Advisor(s) Area
Andrew Abraham The Crystallite Size Distribution in 2-D Beds of Randomly Close-Packed, Binary Beads Kelly Krieble / Yong W. Kim Physics
Victoria Anne Bartkus Telling Tales: Narrative Innovation in Three Novels by Faulkner Martha Reid English
Kristina Cherrier "No More Masks! No More Mythologies!" Building a Gay and Lesbian Community in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania Francis P. Ryan History
Deanne Dorak Mössbauer Spectroscopy Investigation of Ge Substituted Cobalt Ferrite Kelly Krieble Physics
Scott Ehrenburg Pololos, Prostitución y el Palacio de El Pardo: Identity and Gender Role Contradictions for Spanish Women during the 1940s-1950s Carmen Ferrero Spanish
Debra Evans Isolation and Identification of DNA-adducts Formed by Antitumor Active Dirhodium (II,II) Compounds Shari U. Dunham / Stephen U. Dunham Biochemistry
Jessica Fenske Explorations into Benford's Law Nathan A. Shank Mathematics
Perry Freifeld Achieving Sales Success through Trust-Based Relationships: An Investigation of Transactional vs. Relational Selling Gary Kaskowitz Economics / Business
Angela Geosits Governance, Marriage and Pastoral Care: Estates Satire in The Canterbury Tales, the Confessio Amantis, and Piers Plowman John R. Black English
Nick Heimbach America's Acid Trip: An Examination of the "War on Drugs" Bettie M. Smolansky Sociology
Paul Jackson Newland Archer and His Failures in Old New York: An Examination of the Shortcomings of a Failed Man. Annette L. Benert English
Jessica Jonas (Re)Considering Bradbury: The Sociological Impact of an American Storyteller George S. Diamond / Joel Nathan Rosen English / Sociology
Amanda King Archetypal Marketing and Professional Sports Gary Kaskowitz Economics / Business
Samantha Kozza The Role of Apology in Forgiveness of Transgressions Lori J. Toedter Psychology
James Long The Collatz Conjecture: A Conjugacy Approach Michael Fraboni Mathematics
Tyler McCambridge Dietary Selenium Protects Dopamine Levels and May Improve Motor Behavior in the 6-Hydroxydopamine Rat Model of Parkinson's Disease Cecilia M. Fox Biology
Sarah Naumes Creating Truth: A Comparative Study of the Truth and Reconciliation Commissions of South Africa and Former Yugoslavia Gary L. Olson Political Science
Carolyn Raufer Redefining Normal: An Examination of the Biological, Psychological and Sociological Aspects of Intersex Daniel Jasper / Stacey B. Zaremba Sociology / Psychology
Christina Townsend The Edge of Belief : Exploring Apparitions in the Witchcraft Debate of Early Modern Britain Sandy Bardsley History
Natalie Zedalis Synthesis of Potential Metal Chelating Derivatives of Azulene O. Carl Salter Chemistry