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Moravian College

Alyssa Milano

2009-2010 Honors Student

Name: Alyssa Milano ’10
Hometown: Point Pleasant, N.J.
Moravian major: Biology

Career goal: to complete medical school and become a physician, possibly of emergency medicine

Graduate (medical) school: Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine

Moravian Honors project: “The Effects of Rapid Cold Hardening on Courtship in Drosophila melanogaster

Most interesting thing about your project: learning that even a small organism can have very intricate behaviors

How could this research be used? Gaining a better understanding of a mutation that affects this organism’s ability to tolerate extreme cold could have ecological significance.

How have you benefited by your research? I will take away the problem-solving and research design skills I’ve acquired over the year.

When did you decide to become a medical doctor? When I was in sixth grade, my aunt passed away unexpectedly. I wanted to prevent other families from enduring the pain and suffering that mine did, so I began researching the field of medicine and volunteering at our local hospital. I decided that becoming a physician would be the best way for me to help others.