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Following his father's footsteps From Tanzania to Moravian College

This generation of college students are as independent as ever. But when it came to choosing a path for his career and his life, Jackson Mlimuka '20 of Tanzania decided to follow in his father’s footsteps—all the way to Moravian College. “Since I was young, I always admired my father,” he says. “He’s a businessman and I want to be like him.” With two great options for majors—business management and economics—Mlimuka is getting the education and experience he needs while chooses his perfect program.

Jackson Mlimuka '20 with College President Bryon Grigsby

Mlimuka’s father received his undergraduate degree at Moravian College in 1989 and, after hearing tales of his father’s wonderful experiences as an international student, Mlimuka decided to keep the legacy going. The wonderful opportunity of getting an education at Moravian College has brought about boundless possibility for Mlimuka, but it has also set forth some obstacles. Coming from eastern Africa, he is faced with the challenge of communicating in English, his second language. Though difficult at times, he is determined to grow and overcome as he makes an effort to “keep up” on his speech, as well as his knowledge and understanding of American culture.

The best way Mlimuka over comes those challenges: he asks his fellow students, who are, as he says, more than happy to help. Moravian College makes a great effort to ensure the success of its international students by providing a unique and abundant set of readily available resources and aid. “Moravian College has made my way to success easy because of all the resources available to me, especially the help from teachers and tutors,” says Mlimuka. He finds that the academic assistance available to him is remarkable, as well as the materials and many places to study.

At his core, Mlimuka is passionate about making a difference, and understands that education is power. In his eyes, will and power is essential to being “on top.” He hopes to apply all that he’s learned to his home country, and plans to become a successful businessman.

Although he greatly misses his family (and the food!) from Tanzania, Jackson Mlimuka is thriving amidst his transition to Moravian College. He knows he is pursuing an education that can only be found at Moravian College, and in taking advantage of the opportunities presented to him in and out of class, Mlimuka is pushing himself one step closer to becoming the great man that is his father. In time, he will develop the will and power to truly make a difference in the world.