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Moravian College

Visit FAQ's

What should I expect in an information session? 

Typically, this is your first introduction to Moravian College. An Admissions Counselor will guide you through general Moravian College information, such as the admissions process, how to apply for financial aid and receive merit scholarships. We feel this is a great opportunity for students taking an initial look at campus. Information sessions are set up for certain Saturdays during the academic year-please refer to the calendar for availability. A tour of campus follows the 11 a.m. information session. Please schedule your appointment and receive confirmation before scheduling your trip.

What's the benefit from meeting with faculty or sitting in on class? 

This experience will allow you to witness the personal relationship between faculty and students. Additionally, you will observe first-hand how students and faculty interact through small class sizes. Please be mindful this experience will be contingent on course and faculty availability. When scheduling your visit please do not make plans until you receive our confirmation.

How important is an overnight? 

You know that Moravian College is somewhere you can see yourself next year. However, as a senior in high school you may have two or three top choices one of them being Moravian. Take the opportunity to gain a true "behind the scenes" experience with an overnight. This evening will directly engage you in the campus community. Whether you dine in the Marketplace, sit in on a class, attend an athletic event or see a performance, Moravian will treat you as if you were already a current student

Is the interview part of the Admissions process? 

It is strongly recommended that you meet with an Admissions Counselor. These "get to know you" sessions help us in the decision process when reviewing your application. It also allows us to identify your passions and how Moravian can guide you in pursuing them.

How do I apply? 

Click here to apply.