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Judith Kaminsky Redding '84

Filmmaker, owner Necktie Films

The Woman in the Necktie

Judith Kaminsky Redding '84

Working with the Theatre Company taught me the essentials of building and lighting a stage set—skills I use constantly as a filmmaker."

It’s difficult to stand out among a sea of people at a rock concert. That explains why Judith Kaminsky Redding ’84 wears neckties to these events, and also why this independent filmmaker named her company Necktie Films.

“Musicians see so many people after a show that it’s hard to remember them, but they always remember the woman in the necktie and the name of the company,” she explains. “Necktie Films is a one-person company. I literally do everything, from production of films and videos to marketing, accounting, and maintaining the website.”

Being a Jill-of-all-trades is nothing new for Redding, who dabbled in all aspects of the stage as a member of the Moravian College Theatre Company. While she did act in few productions, it was the behind-the-scenes-roles that really brought out her creativity. She credits Jack Ramsey, emeritus professor of drama, for giving her a well-rounded theater education.

“Working with the Theatre Company taught me the essentials of building and lighting a stage set, skills I use constantly as a filmmaker,” says Redding, who majored in English and earned the English Prize. “Professor Ramsey’s emphasis on knowing how to do a bit of everything led me to learn carpentry, upholstering, costume alteration, hanging lights, laying vinyl flooring, make-up, and box office and ticket management.”

Based in Philadelphia, Redding creates short films and works mostly with local bands on music videos. She currently has several projects in the works, including a series of dramatic short videos about an FBI agent for release on her website, along with live and studio shoots for Mercury Radio Theater’s new CD release.

“It’s exciting to work with musicians to create music videos that reflect their messages and aesthetics,” she says. “Some groups have concrete ideas of what they want in a music video, while others want more creative guidance.”