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Christina Citrano Sandy '80


Finding Identity For Life

Christina Citrano Sandy '80

"Moravian helped reveal me to myself."

Christina Sandy ’80 is clear about what her years at Moravian College meant to her. She says, “They helped me identify what was important to me.”

For Sandy, a successful businesswoman who has most recently started and runs a new business line for Investor's Business Daily, Inc. the value of a high-quality education cannot be overstated. A college that provides an opportunity for self discovery and self exploration is one that helps a student discover what they value and what they'd like to do in the world, she says.

In Moravian, Sandy found a college that expands the mind and the spirit. "There was less focus on the commercialization of a degree," she says. Instead, importance was placed on a wide-ranging educational experience, where liberal arts had value.

Another quality Sandy mentions was the ability to develop one-on-one relationships with professors. Among the many Moravian professors Sandy found compelling, she recalls her political science teacher, Gary Olson. She calls him dynamic and popular, and he left a positive impression on Sandy, a French literature major.

"He really opened my mind and helped me identify and develop certain sensibilities," she adds. "He taught the importance of compassion and to question things." She recalls being taught to "read, explore different ideas and then decide."

“I also enjoyed Moravian’s intimate environment and felt comfortable with it,” says Sandy, a New Jersey native who now lives in southern California with her husband, Warren and son Alejandro.

As Sandy has moved forward in her life and career, including her work as senior vice president with Fidelity Investments she stays true to one ideal. "Always do the right thing." It's a motto she keeps present in her personal and professional life and one that Moravian reinforced.

"When you go to college, you don't know who you are—you can't even put words to it. But Moravian helped reveal me to myself.”