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David Horvath '99

Principal, East Hills Middle School

Moravian was always part of his path

David Horvath '99

"I knew it was a close-knit community and welcoming environment where I could engage in meaningful conversations."

Following in the footsteps of his brother and his parents, David Horvath ’99 chose to be an educator, and like the men in his family, chose Moravian to help him reach his goal.

Moravian was always on Horvath’s radar screen. Born and reared in Bethlehem, he grew up listening to his father, Julius Horvath ’66, a former teacher and principal in the Parkland School District, talk about the College and his experiences as a student. His mother also was a teacher, and so the family conversation often centered around education.

“That was the path we grew up with,” Horvath remembers. “And I always loved kids and learning. Being able to share opportunities with kids is why I wanted to go into teaching and ultimately be a leader in the field of education.”

He remembers hearing positive things about Moravian—about the small class sizes, individualized attention from professors who knew students’ names and strengths and weaknesses. “I knew it was a close-knit community and welcoming environment where I could engage in meaningful conversations,” he adds.

Horvath, who was a successful high school wrestler, wanted to keep wrestling in college, but knew it wasn’t going to be his profession, so Moravian’s Division III status was perfect for him to continue to engage in his chosen sport and yet focus on his education. At the end of his freshman year, Moravian dropped wrestling as a sport, so he no longer wrestled, and instead, he turned to coaching the sport off-campus, which he did at Freedom High, his alma mater.

Although he was a commuter student, living right in town allowed him to participate in as many extra-curricular events as he could, and he remembers that he was “on campus all the time.”

Horvath married a classmate, Kristen Domiter ’99, who also was a teacher, and now is a stay-home mom of three. David taught 6th and 8th grade at East Hills Middle School and 5th grade at Fountain Hill Elementary School. He was also the assistant principal at both East Hills and Fountain Hill. He is now in his fourth year as principal of East Hills Middle School in Bethlehem.

He remembers his professors who “all brought something to the table you could learn and grow from. Their work ethic and dedication reflected the energy, motivation and passion they fostered in us. I remember them all as true professionals who were phenomenal and held themselves to the same high standards they held their students to,” he says.

Horvath was a psychology and elementary education double-major, perfect for his present position. Horvath vividly remembers appreciating—even as an undergraduate—the solid nature of the education he received at Moravian. He wanted—and received—a well-rounded education through his classes, hands-on learning, and the broad exposure he got to a wide range of subjects. He consciously extends this experiential education to East Hills Middle School.

“That’s the type of learning I like to see going on in my school today—a rigorous curriculum that is relevant and important, forming a lifelong relationship to learning for these students,” he says. “Moravian accomplished this. The courses were challenging, and as education major, I was given the opportunity to go out into the field at a very early stage, which made what I learned in the classroom real.”