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Kelly McLean Rindock '03

CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER ™ Professional, Steel Valley Investment Group of Raymond James

Moravian was the perfect fit

Kelly McLean Rindock '03

"I have always loved Moravian, so when I moved back to the Valley, it felt natural to volunteer there. I enjoyed my time at Moravian, and wanted to give back."

As a basketball player at Salisbury High School, Kelly McLean Rindock ’03 knew about Moravian and the other colleges and universities of the Lehigh Valley. She also knew she wanted to continue to play ball at the college level, but wasn’t pro material, so was able to narrow down her focus to the smaller schools.

“I visited them all, but felt immediately comfortable at Moravian,” she remembers. “I stayed overnight and fell in love with the campus, the people and the atmosphere, and just knew this was where I wanted to go to college. It fit my conceptions of what college should look and be like.”

Rindock earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology and her master’s from Temple University in education. After working as a mental health counselor throughout Montgomery County, she realized that the field was not exactly where she wanted to be.

“So my father, who had been a financial advisor for 25 years at that point, suggested I try finance,” she explains. “I’ve always been good with numbers, and I like to say that I still do a lot of counseling and I still help people, just in a different environment.”

While at Moravian, Rindock was quite busy with a variety of activities. She was a member of SAAC (Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, SAM (Student-Athlete Mentors) and of ODK, the national leadership honor society. And she played basketball.

She remembers clearly how everyone in the athletics department was “always there for everyone. They were involved and became very much a community. You had your team of coaches, but everyone else was always invested in your success and team as part of the Moravian community.”

She also remembers that Bob Brill, associate professor in the psychology department, was there for his students as well. “He always stuck out to me as a professor who went out of his way to get to know his students and connect with us. He made class fun and also let us know he cared about us and was willing to help.”

Rindock lived in the Philadelphia area for a while after grad school, but then moved back to the Lehigh Valley in 2008. Soon after her return, she visited Moravian and decided to see how she might get re-involved with the school. Soon, she was volunteering with various committees through the Alumni Association, and then she became a board member. Now she is the group’s new president.

“It’s exciting to be the president of the Alumni Association,” she says. “I didn’t even consider that when I first offered to help out. I just wanted to give back.”

Rindock credits Moravian with helping her learn to manage her time. Between academics (and getting the good grades her parents required) sports, friends, a job in the bookstore, and volunteer work, she was always busy and is busy now with work for the American Lung Association, and as a board member for Weller Health Education Center in Easton.

“In my four years at Moravian, I learned how to balance life and responsibility. I was able to both have fun and be a student. These skills are invaluable to me. As most busy professionals can tell you, it takes planning to do your job and still have time set aside for other obligations and for yourself,” Rindock says.

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