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Art History

Art History Major

This track is designed for students to pursue careers as art historians, critics, or curators in museums or galleries. It may also serve as a foundation for graduate study in art history.

Art History Major Four Year Schedule/ Sequential Requirements:

1st year

  • Fall
    ART 170, Drawing I
    ART 113, Art History Survey: Caves to Cathedrals
  • Spring
    ART 114, Art History Survey: Renaissance to Abstraction
    ART 142, Visual Foundations: Composition, Color and Design

2nd year

  • Fall
    ART 180, Painting I
  • Spring
    Any other upper-level Art History course, such as ART226, 19th Century Art; ART220, History of Photography, or Special Topics

3rd year

  • Fall
    ART 218, Art of Renaissance (Fall, alternate years)
  • Spring
    ART 229, WI: Modern Art

4th year

  • Fall
    Electives in art history, such as:
    ART 212: Artists as Activists (U2)
    ART 220, History of Photo
    ART 226, 19th Century Art
    ART 222: African Art (M5)
  • Spring
    ART310, Art History Methodology: Criticism, Theory and Practice (alternate years)

Art History Major Recommendations:

Internship at a regional museum or arts organization – past internships have included ArtsQuest, Kemerer Museum, Allentown Art Museum, Baum School of Art, and other arts organizations

If interested in Museum Studies:

  • Cross-register for Museum Studies program at Lehigh with Ricardo Viera, Director of Lehigh University Art Gallery (LUAG) and program in Museum Studies
  • Take courses in Education, Public Speaking, Business, Journalism

If interested in Academics:

  • Take courses in Literature, History, and Painting and Drawing

If planning graduate school in art history:

  • Take foreign language in French, German, or Italian

Cross-register at other LVAIC schools for specialized courses in art history, especially Lafayette (Asian, Indian, Ancient, Byzantine)

English/Writing courses, particularly EN 202, Expository Writing

Digital Media courses such as ART131, Introduction to Graphic Design, and ART 268, Digital Photography

Take a Chemistry course for the requirement in natural sciences (art restoration)

Take relevant history courses along with special interests to meet history requirement or for electives