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Moravian College Graphic Design

Graphic and Interactive Design Major

This track is designed for students interested in careers in the field of design, including graphic, publication, interactive, marketing, or branding design, or as preparation for graduate study and teaching. 

Graphic and Interactive Design Major

Four Year Schedule/ Sequential Requirements:

1st year

  • Fall
    ART 170, Drawing I
    ART 142, Visual Foundations: Composition, Color, and Design
  • Spring
    ART 131, Intro to Graphic Design

2nd year

  • Fall
    ART 230, Typography
    ART 180, Painting 1
    ART 113, Art History Survey: Caves to Cathedrals
  • Spring
    ART 231, Publication Design
    ART 268, Digital Photography
    ART 114, Art History Survey: Renaissance to Abstraction (recommended, not required, in graphic and interactive design)

3rd year

  • Fall
    ART 229, WI: Modern Art
    ART 346, Interactive Design
  • Spring
    ART 356, Interactive Design 2 (recommended elective)
    Electives in Graphic and Interactive Design, Media Arts or other art courses, or in other disciplines (see below recommendations)

4th year

  • Fall
    ART 331, Graphic Design: History and Practice
    ART 374, Portfolio Seminar
  • Spring
    ART 373, Graphic Design Internship

Graphic and Interactive Design Major Recommendations:

ART 356, Interactive Design 2, is strongly recommended as an elective

ART 114, Art History Survey: Renaissance to Abstraction, is recommended, although not required (Spring)

ART 254, Digital Video

ART 368, Digital Photo 2

upper levels of digital photography, video, and interactive design—highly recommended for Graphics students

English/Writing and Speaking courses:

  • ENGL 211, Creative Non-Fiction
  • ENGL 212, Intro to Creative Writing
  • ENGL 230, Public Speaking

MAT 109, Math for Design (meets LinC F2, Quantitative Reasoning)

Economics and Business Management Courses:

  • MGMT 220, Consumer Behavior
  • MGMT 251, Marketing Management
  • ST: MGMT 296, The Art of the Story: Telling & Selling Your Brand
  • MGMT 311, Marketing Research (MGMT 251 is prerequisite)

LinC U1: SOC 350, Media, Technology and Society (Req: junior or senior standing)