2009 Landmark Conference Championships - Information

2009 Landmark Conference Championships

Friday, May 1st & Saturday, May 2nd

Blue & Grey Field, Bethlehem, PA


Blue & Grey Field and Tournament Information

  • Spectators: Entrance to the game field for spectators will be through the main gate located on Center Street. Admission costs are $5 for adults, any non-Landmark Conference students and seniors are $3, and students from Landmark Conference insitutions and children under 10 are free. Admission prices are set by the Landmark Conference.  Those who enter and want to leave, re-entry will be permitted (a hand stamp will be used for re-entry).  Spectators are asked to abide by the Landmark Conference sportsmanship code.  No pets will be permitted inside the stadium gates.
  • Parking – Parking near the stadium is at a premium as the majority of it is done on the surrounding streets.  There is a small parking lot off of Center Street right next to our tennis courts, but that lot is not owned by the college and therefore cannot be used by teams or spectators.  On the other end of our tennis courts, there is a small parking lot which can be used.  Access to that lot is off of New Street which is one block west of Center Street.
  • Restrooms:  Small men’s and women’s restrooms are located at the far end of the building located at the end of the parking lot just past our tennis courts.  To get to these restrooms from the field, you would exit through the gate by the tennis courts and walk down along the walk between the tennis courts and our baseball fields.  Portajohns will also be stationed beyond the centerfield fence of the softball field.
  • Concession Stand: A concession stand will be in operation throughout the tournament.  The stand will be located behind the right field fence.
  • Team arrival – Our game field is located on Center Street and at our location, Center Street is one way running north.  We would like team buses to unload from Center Street by the entrance to the field that is closest to our tennis courts adjacent to game field.  One of our game day assistants will be there to greet you and assist with the unloading.  After unloading, the buses will be directed to park on a side street not far from the stadium.
  • Warm-up areas – We have two areas designated for pre-game warm-ups for the team.  The designated home team will use the area behind the leftfield fence of the softball field.  The designated visiting team will use our baseball field which is a very short walk from the softball field. Spectators are not allowed in these areas.
  • Locker rooms: We will have a locker room area available to a team if they need it.  This locker room will be located under the home grandstand on our football field.  Access to this room will be through the gate located behind the centerfield fence and then crossing the football game field to the entrance to the locker room.  Restrooms are available in this locker room.  This area will be open only for team personnel and we ask that with the exception of crossing the football field to get to and from this area, that you all refrain from using the football field for any other purpose. Spectators are not allowed in these areas.