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Center for Career and Civic Engagement'

Meet Our Office Staff - Amy Saul

November 12, 2017

This week’s spotlight is on Amy Saul, the Center for Career and Civic Engagement's Associate Dean of Career and Civic Engagement. In this role Amy oversees the operations of career and civic engagement, as well as student involvement. Amy also represents the college externally through building partnerships with the community.

According to Amy, the office strives to create meaningful opportunities for students to learn about themselves and the world through service and career exploration. A key instance of this is through experiential learning. This allows students to connect the theories they have learned in the classroom to experiences outside of the classroom.

“Students want to find something valuable and meaningful [from their college experience], and that’s why we are here. We help them explore, we help them learn what’s out there in the world, and we help them make decisions. And with that, we give them the toolkit to go get it.”

A key program offered by the Center for Career and Civic Engagement that embodies this, is the Backpack to Briefcase program. Backpack to Briefcase is a two day professional program that prepares juniors and seniors for life following college. Registration is still available, please apply through: